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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mini MAC Haul

Hello ladies, so as you can tell i went shopping in MAC...wooop wooop haha. I never owned any MAC products as in my books it is rather expensive, but i always wanted some. As it's Christmas and I'm a bit older now, i tend to get money instead of presents as no one really knows what to get me, so i thought i would treat myself and see what the MAC hype was all about and this is what i got..
The one thing I've wanted above all was a mineralize skinfinish, so the lovely assistant advised me to go for a natural one in medium. I also really wanted a lipstick and seem as i already have a nice red and dark vampy red i thought I'd go for something different and picked up the lovely Vegas volt. The assistant also gave me a sample of the mineralize satinfinish liquid foundation in NW20 for me to take home and try which i thought was really nice as normally when I've gone into my local MAC I've felt a bit looked down on, so i never expected to get a sample. After trying it and being really happy with the colour match, i then went back in today and picked it up. I also got myself a studio finish concealer as i am tiered of seeing my dark circles even when wearing make up, i saw a different assistant and she advised me to go for the NW25 as she said it was better to go a few shades darker than your foundation. In total my two trips to MAC cost round the £80....ouch. 

I am so over the moon that i now have MAC in my collection, i know to some it may not seem a big deal or that expensive but to me it certainly is. I will be doing posts on each of the items so if your interested don't worry, i just thought i would show what i picked up as i instagramed a picture and had a few people asking what i picked up. Have you got any MAC products for Christmas, what did you buy as your first ever product? I hope you enjoyed this mini haul, thanks for reading and i shall see you all again soon x



  1. Ohhh how exciting! I 100% understand what you mean, I don't own any mac and consider it a really expensive brand! I think we're both MUA fans haha!

    Look forward to reading all about your haul :)

    Elspeth xx

    1. Aw im so glad im not the only one,haha yeah i certainly have more MUA products than any other in my ever growing make up collection. But seem as this was treat money i thought i'd be a bit naughty as i buy myself MUA anyway, and i kinda now have all i want from them at the moment anyway haha :) x

  2. I hope you enjoy using all your new products. I remember my first mac all, it was so exciting. x

  3. I have quite a few Mac products but I still find it exciting getting new Mac things! Enjoy your new collection x


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