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Friday, 21 December 2012

NOTD: Sparkly Pink Party Tips

Hello my lovelies, today i have a quick and easy party nail look for you. My very dear friend got me some new polishes for Christmas, one of them being a pink sparkly number from Barry M.
From what i can tell the polish itself doesn't have a name and i can't find it on their website, i believe it's a limited edition polish and you can only get it in Boots and possibly Superdrug. This look is really easy all you need to do is paint your tips in the sparkly pink, don't worry to much if it's not amazingly neat as the black detailing covers it up. I then used my Models Own nail art pen in black to do the the four dots on one side, and then the striping brush to do the line on the other. 

This is one of those fancy looks that look amazing but hardly take any time to do at all. I hope you like this quick and easy look, thanks for reading and i shall see you all soon x



  1. your nails look seriously good, you're so patient

    1. Thank you, although i promise it looks a lot more fancy and time consuming than it is haha x

  2. I LOVE these nails!!! You're so talented :) :)

    Gemma xxx

  3. Gorgeous nails!


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