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Friday, 25 January 2013

50 Random Facts About Me Tag

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a nice day. So i wanted to do a post but i wanted to do something a little different, which made me decide on doing the 50 facts about me tag. Some of you might find this really boring if so I'm sorry but i thought some of you might wanna know a little bit about me, so here we go.

  1. I hate cheese unless it's on a pizza 
  2. I've spent a lot of my free time playing Skyrim
  3. The first concert i ever went to was to see the legend himself Alice Cooper
  4. I basically know The Rocky Horror Show word for word
  5. I prefer Pepsi over Coke
  6. I hate having water in my face
  7. I have a rottweiler named Murphy and a cat called Pixi
  8. I'm terrified of sick
  9. I have never been abroad 
  10. My favourite subject in school was art
  11. My last job was working in the cafe at my local airport
  12. Shamefully I'd rather watch the film than read the book
  13. I suffer with severe IBS
  14. I'm extremely shy
  15. I smoked from the ages of 13 to 21
  16. My father is a Rastafarian 
  17. I love anything Batman
  18. I basically eat an eclair everyday
  19. My son was planned
  20. My imagination hates me, so whenever I'm in the dark it'll make something up to freak me out
  21. The first career that i wanted to be, that i can remember is a zoologist
  22. Even though I'm nearly 23 i still get extremely excited about going to the zoo or aquarium
  23. I have never been on a roller coaster, I'm a fanny when it comes to rides
  24. I think I'm the only person in the world that doesn't own a i pod or anything apple
  25. I have never broke a bone, touch wood i never do either
  26. I use to be able to make a noise like chewbacca, i say used too as i haven't tried in years
  27. I'm fascinated with killers minds 
  28. I spend far to much time in Boots
  29. I'm thinking about doing burlesque dance classes 
  30. I'm certainly not a morning person
  31.  I have a boney lump on my nose that looks like i should of broke my nose at some point in my life but haven't. I hate it!
  32. I'm extremely opinionated 
  33. I get travel sick really easy, but i can travel by train fine 
  34. The legend of Zelda reminds me so much of my childhood
  35. I'm more confident and happy with my body now after having a child than before
  36. Labyrinth, legend, the dark crystal are my childhood films 
  37. My favourite bands include Alice cooper, system of a down and enter shikari
  38. I have never had a fight, touch wood i never do
  39. My science teacher used to call me Kat Slater cause i used to wear a lot of mascara in school 
  40. If i have a cup of tea i have 6 sugars in it and a lot of milk
  41. Me and my bestie hook up once every week to play resident evil 
  42. I only have one tattoo but this year i hope to get more
  43. No matter how hard i try to be organised, it just never happens
  44. I seriously love pepperoni pizza 
  45. I am a huge nail polish junkie
  46. I'm really rubbish at getting my hair cut, i probably only have it cut twice a year
  47. The time travellers wife is the film that I've cried the most at
  48. I can't stand people calling me babe or baby other than my partner
  49. I like to play world of warcraft 
  50. Me and my bestie once made a ouija board when she stayed over mine one night, back when we was young 

Well there you have it 50 random things about me, that tags probably a lot more interesting and not so long if i was to do it in a video but hey ho. I tag anyone who fancies doing it, although it's not easy thinking of 50 things to say about yourself. And looking at mine i probably now seem a little odd and weird haha. Thank you all for reading and i shall see you all again soon x



  1. They are pretty random! I prefer pepsi to coke too and loads of people think its weird x

    1. Ha yeah they are a bit random but i could't think of anything normal haha x

  2. I love reading this tag probably because im so nosy! x

    1. Well i'm glad you do i was slightly worried no one would really like this post haha x

  3. I still get excited about going to the Zoo and I am in my early 30's xx

    1. yay i'm glad someone's with me haha, i can't wait to take my son for the first time when the weather starts picking up :D x

  4. Ha, I'm also terrified of sick and I've been playing World of Warcraft for nearly 5 years, such a geek! Plus, you can't go wrong with pepperoni pizza :-) x

    1. Yay a fellow geek haha. It's nice to know i'm not the only one it's such a horrible fear to have, and i've found not a lot of people really understand it x

  5. Thanks for sharing this Becky. :) haha We've few thing in common. :) Like getting excited going to zoo - although I'm 25. xD

  6. Wow I could have written this!!!! LOL


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