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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Huge Haul & My Sale Picks

Hello everyone. I though I would share what I've bought over the last few weeks, including what I've got from the various sales that are about. Seem as this may be quite lengthy I'm just gonna jump straight in.
Super cosy tights in black and burgundy £3.50
Tank top with long back in black, white and grey £2 each (sale)
Grey loose fit jumper £6
Cross earrings silver and gold £2.50 (sorry baby monster have hidden my silver pair haha)
Chunky cardigan £15 (sale)
Khaki Soul Cal leggings £5 (sale) 
Feel Unique-
Macadamia Natural Oil liquid luxuries set £20 (sale)
Lemony flutter cuticle butter £6.25
Snow Globe £2.50 (sale)
Bubblegum lip scrub £5.25
Ultrabland facial cleanser £6.75
Rose jam £3.50
Cinders £2 I think (sale)
Eau roma toner water £3.95
Barry M nail paint in strawberry ice cream, diamond glitter, pink iridescent and ruby £2.99 each
Leighton Denny totally groomed set £25
Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner £8
Maybelline nail polish in shade really rosy £2 (half price as Boots have a buy one get one half price on Maybelline)
House of Fraser-
NYX beauty on the go ultimate beauty box £20 (sale)
Every lash mascara £3
Pro base concealer palette £2.50 (sale)
Pro base fixing mist £4 (sale)
Fur effect nails in shade fluffy puff £2 (sale)
Glitter eyeliner in shade 4 £1
Artiste collection free (in offer)

Wow this post probably would of been so mush easier and quicker if i was on You Tube haha. I realise this is a lot but this has been spread out over a few weeks and some of it was with gift cards i got for Christmas. Like always i will try and do posts on all the make up items but if there is something you really would like to see soon just let me know. I hope you all enjoyed this post, have a wonderful day and i shall you all again soon x



  1. seems like you found alot from the sale, as soon as I walked into a store it was just packed with girls picking and throwing things, it was to manic for me so I ended up buying a couple of things. Hopefully next year i'll get something decent!

  2. I picked up the super cosy tights yesterday :) They're so soft! Lovely haul xx

  3. Have you tried the MUA spray yet? I really want to try it. x

  4. Aah I definitely want all of those nail polishes!! And those Primark tights look good - I keep seeing them about, and they look so warm!

  5. I love the Lush Roma water toner! I bought the huge size over the summer and I'm STILL not done with it!

  6. You got some amazing things love teh Barry M nail colours and the jumper x

  7. how do you wear the tank with the longer back? i have one but don't know what to wear with it!!

    1. I like to wear mine with either leggings or skinny jeans with a pair of uggs (not actually uggs but those style of boots)or military style boots and either my leather jacket or a chunky cardigan. I hope this helps :) x


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