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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Tips For Make-up Shopping

Hello lovelies, hope your all enjoying your week so far. So on Sunday whilst taking part in the #bbloggers chat, i was speaking to two lovely gals Julz from the lovely Julz Obsessions and Siobhan from All that glitters., and we was briefly talking about are thoughts and opinions on make-up concession experiences. This got me thinking and as someone requested more personal posts from my 250 follower giveaway, i thought i would share my personal thoughts and experiences when i have shopped in high end named make-up concessions. Now before i start i do just want to say this is simply my personal thoughts and what has happened to me, i am not saying i tar all make-up concession workers with the same brush and I'm not saying you will all of had the same experiences as me. This is just simply my thoughts and tips if you do come across someone who makes you feel this way. 

Right with that little ramble out the way haha i shall begin. As you know i am a mummy and my budget doesn't really reach for the high end products, however every now and then i will get something or i will just have a little nosey around. A few months ago i got a sample from Clinique from a magazine, for life of me i can't remember what it was called but it was some kind of rich moisturiser. Seem as i was in Boots and i had started using it i thought i would see how much the actual product was. After walking around completely confused for quite some time i was finally approached by a young woman, may i add that it was dead and i was clearly confused but instead of offering assistance sooner she waited and every time i looked in her direction she looked away. So i politely said to this assistant about this cream and that i had forgotten the name but i was interested in the price she quickly said the name of this cream she thought it was and said that it was in the £30 something range. As this is WAY out my price range i replied saying "ah that's a lot more than i expected" to have her smirk at me and simply walk off. Now this may just be my sensitive nature, my partner does say i can take somethings to heart quite easy, but to me that was rude. I don't appreciate people looking down on me over money and looking at me like yes all this is to expensive for you so I'm not going to offer service with a smile. 

Secondly my other bad experience was in MAC just before Christmas which was the second time i went in to my local concession. Now i will add that the first time i went in the woman who served me was amazing and i would gladly go back to her any day, she even gave me a sample of foundation to try and complimented the lipstick i was wearing which i thought was lovely. So the second time i went in was to buy the full size of the foundation she had gave me and i wanted to pick up a concealer too. Sadly the first woman i saw wasn't in and i was approached by someone else, who made me feel rather uncomfortable. She matched me up with a concealer 5 shades darker than the foundation, now not being rude but her make-up looked cakey and orange so when she said that that was the one she used i should of gone with my gut and asked for a few shades lighter but as i felt rather intimidated by her being "the make-up artist" i said nothing. I also wanted to hurry up and leave as she made me feel rather uncomfortable that i had my son with me, who was in his buggy happily eating crisps and talking to us both . Most people aren't fussed by this and talk back to him, however whilst she was matching me up she kept glancing at him not quite so amused...clearly she isn't a kiddy person. 

Now I'm not saying because of these people i will never shop at high end make-up concessions but for some unknown reason i do feel very uncomfortable and i don't think this is right. Some of you may know that i am studying to become a make-up artist and i would love to work for somewhere like MAC and i would never dream of making someone feel like that. To me being polite and approachable is very important in this line of work but sadly not everyone has that, so i have come up with 5 little tips that i am going to do just in case i do come across another unpleasant person.
  Most of these are pretty self explanatory but I'll go a little more in depth so...

1. Be confident, go in on a day where you feel happy with yourself and the way you look. If you love how you've done your make-up that day it might make you feel like they aren't looking down on your looks. I'm not saying you have to be dolled up to the nines but there's a difference between hardly any make-up and your comfy home clothes, to a near full face and clothes you feel good in.

2. Take your time, you can spend how ever long you like in that shop and however long you want to make a decision. If your not sure on something but they're stood next to you just simply say "can i just have a bit of time to think about it an look around", it's not like they're gonna say no you have been in here for twenty minutes already haha.

3. You don't have to buy it! If your not sure than don't get it, it's not worth it. And don't feel pressured into buying products they're suggesting or have tried on you, if YOU don't like it than you don't have to buy it.

4. Don't go alone, take a friend, partner or even parent along with you. I find when I'm on my own I'm ridiculously shy and rubbish at making decisions. So if you want have a girly shopping trip so they can boost your confidence and also you have a second opinion.

5. Always be polite, this one goes for anything really. But i think it's important to always remain polite, so even if you do end up with a rather rude woman it's better to keep a smile and remain polite than to sink down to her level and make yourself and the situation seem worse.

So there we go my 5 tips to beat the rude and intimidating counter ladies haha. I hope some of you have found this helpful and that i haven't offended anyone that wasn't my intention. Thank you all for reading, have a lovely day and i shall see you all again soon x



  1. I'm so glad you focused our chat into a post! Those two encounters are terrible- especially the second- its very off putting being served by someone with crazy makeup- I fear they will turn me into a mini-me! And her behaviour towards your son was just plain rude.

    I love how you've turned it all into a positive and given us great tips- if you get a job as a makeup artist at a counter I'd be first to pay you a visit!


    1. Aw thank you i'd certainly be more than happy to have you as a customer haha. I know i just don't understand the unneeded rudeness from some of these people. I was just thinking about what i'm gonna do next time i go in MAC and seem as from our chat there was others who felt the same way, i thought i would share x

  2. I can agree with most of these especially the MAC assistant, most of them provide the wrong shade of concealer, i've have it been done and my friends had the same experience too! Thanks for the informative post x

  3. This was really helpful :) I never know how to approach people at the Lancome/Clinique counters. It doesn't help that I used to work there so I know for a fact that the women running them are total bitches :/ awkward but true. And I am so weary of being served by people with terrible makeup! I really wish they would just openly display the prices instead of making you ask. It's always going to be bad when you have to admit that you can't afford it. :/ Definitely just need to be more confident and assertive :) thank you x

    1. I hate the fact that you have to ask for prices it makes you feel like you shouldn't be shopping there cause you can't just stroll in and be like "oh yes i like this, this and this" and then just pay for it all at the till. I'm glad you found it helpful :) x

  4. Aww I'm glad our chat inspired this post lol! Such a good post as I'm sure there is loads of people who hate coming into beauty departments and shopping! It is a shame that some rude people ruin it for the nice genuine people (ahem, like me lol!) that work on the counters! Good luck and I'm sure you will do really well :)

    Siobhan xxxxx

    1. If i lived by you i would certainly come and see you, i'm sure your one of the few (so it seems) lovely counter gals. I actually went to MAC yesterday and followed these tips and it really worked. I had my mum with me i felt good as i had just come back from a spa break and i was very conscious of what i wanted and i even walked around swatching things haha. It really made a difference and i enjoyed being in there looking at all the lovely make up x

  5. I love this post! I quite often feel intimidated at my local MAC counter as I've only recently in the past year been interested in make-up and I feel like abit of a beginner and that they're judging me with each product I pick up!
    Definitely will be following these tips next time I venture towards the counters!
    Emily xx


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