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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Series: Envy

Hello lovelies, hope your all well and having a great day. So as you can figure from the title this post is my next deadly sin look, but before i go into it i just want to apologise for not doing a look last week. Anyway today i decided on envy as i had a clear image of what i wanted and had some eye shadows that I've been dying to try since i got them on Christmas.
I can not tell you how much fun i had creating this and i am so happy with how it turned out! The only thing i would of liked to have improved would be the lips, a Lime crime green lippy would of been a match made in heaven for this look but sadly i don't own any green lippy's so i had to work with what i had. To me envy is something that takes over a person and is almost bipolar as i think you can feel very sad or angry with it. Which is why i wanted a hard yet soft look which is fading down the cheeks, around the eye socket and towards the hair line, almost as if the envy was slowly taking over...if that makes sense. I wanted to keep the rest of the face fairly simple as the eye makeup is rather dramatic and as it's the main feature i didn't want to take away from it in anyway. To harden the face slightly i contoured the cheeks quite heavy and used a mixture of the eye shadows i used on the lips to give them that green dead tint. 

Products used:
MUA flawless skin primer
MAC mineralize skinfinish liquid foundation 
MUA professional eye primer
MAC mineralize skinfinish medium
MAC mineralize skinfinish soft & gentle
Soap & Glory solar powder
Rimmel black kohl eyeliner pencil
Maybelline lasting drama gel liner
Revlon eyelash curlers
MUA mega volume mascara 
Crown brush 88 palette
Front cover eye shadows in shades tarn green, bright aqua & citronella crush

So there we have my interpretation of envy, whats your take and thoughts on envy? Hope you enjoyed this look, thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful day and i shall see you all again soon x
P.S i now have a YouTube channel and i would love if you could check it out :) xx


  1. Love it and your hair xx

  2. Wow I love this look!
    Your skin is so flawless, I'm sooo jealous!

  3. Love this look for envy! I run a fashion blog and am going to do a seven deadly sins shoot fashion instead of makeup wise. This is giving me inspiration! Thanks:) Love the post!

    Caged In Clothes | Showcase Your Style

    1. Aw thank you glad you liked it. I love the thought of sins but done in fashion x

  4. love the look xx

  5. love it! very dramatic! :) xx

  6. Definitely very unique so props to you darling.

  7. Wow very different but gorgeous too - your hair just completes it too!

  8. love the look omg! it's the perfect mix of scary, weird, and amazing! It definitely caught my attention lol

    1. Haha thank you glad you liked it x

  9. This looks great! Very zombiesque.

    1. I didn't really think of it in that way before i suppose it is x

  10. This is a great make-up look! very pretty witch-esque! You really suit it, its lovely! Well-done :) xx

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