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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Review: MUA Flawless Skin Primer

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a wonderful day. Today i wanted to share my thoughts on a new primer i bought a few weeks ago, you may of seen it in my collective haul video. I do quite like my MUA primers so when this one was realised along with the other undress your skin products i knew i would give it a go, and the fact it had money off made me snap it up the other month.
"Reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores and leave your skin feeling velvety soft. Creates a flawless complexion that can be worn alone or underneath foundation."

As I'm only 23 i don't exactly have problems with fine lines however sometimes the pores around my nose can be quite noticeable ..well to me anyway.  And i do find this covers it up nicely leaving a really nice soft smooth base for my foundation, as it does have that silicone like feeling but without being so heavy your skin can't breathe. It's a thick clear gel in consistency but i find just one pump is a perfect amount to give a nice even coverage all over. 

Although it does say you can use it alone i personally haven't as i don't really see the point but i do like to wear this as it gives a wonderful base, so i find my foundation looks and blends better and therefore my whole face of makeup looks better. At first i was a little worried about using this a lot due to the consistency i thought it may cause me to break out so i did try to only use this every now and then, but i find myself always reaching for this when I'm applying a full face of make up. And i have been pleasantly surprised as it hasn't cause any kind of skin irritation even though it is a bit of a thicker primer compared to their just named primer. I think as long as you remove your makeup thoroughly enough at night it shouldn't cause any problems but even if you are unsure it's great for those special occasion makeup looks. I also found that using this primer made my makeup look freshly applied and generally last longer, which is great if you know your going to be doing something all day. 

The only annoyance i have with this product is the packaging, yes it looks nice but i can't see how much product i have left due to the sticker all the way round and as it's a glass bottle with a pump it's not like i can feel how much is left like their other primers. With that said though unlike the matte perfect primer i reviewed i do feel like i am getting more use out of this and it will last me longer as i don't have to use so much product so i do think for you over sea buyers you'll be more satisfied with this one.

Overall i actually really like this product for the price and personally there's not much i can falter it on. Have you tried out this primer yet? Thank you for reading, hope you have a wonderful day and i shall see you all again soon x



  1. It sounds fantastic! I'll have to check this out next time I pop into Superdrug, for sure. Thanks for the post :)

    Jamie ♥

    1. That's ok thank you for reading and taking the time to leave me a lovely comment :) always makes my day. I would certainly keep an eye out for it, and maybe keep an eye out online too as quite often they have offers on x

  2. It sounds great

    Haven't tried it yet

  3. Sounds good!

    Kimberley x

  4. I used to use a MUA primer, the one in the black tube. However i've stopped using it as i couldnt find it in the shops anymore! I may have to give this one a try though :)

    1. Hmmm i know the one your on about as i have it too, i'm pretty sure you can still get it online if that helps :) x

  5. Very helpful review, I actually am thinking to get it now :) xx

    The Bedside Dreams

  6. I wanna try it :). I'm new follower , if you want follow me on my blog


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