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Friday, 24 May 2013

The Body Shop: Nutriganics Skincare Kit

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a wonderful week. Today i am sharing my thoughts on the nutriganics skincare kit from the body shop. The kit contains a foaming facial wash, toner and a day and night cream which are from their organic range so 98% of the ingredients used are of natural origin. It is designed for the first signs of ageing and claims to make your skin softer and smoother. 
The Body Shop nutriganics skincare kit £13*

Foaming facial wash 60ml
I have used foaming cleansers before and have found that they make my dry skin a million times worse so i tend to avoid them and stick to cleansing milks, so i was a little hesitant how my skin would react. I was presently surprised to find that this actually improved my combination skin problems and left my skin feeling refreshingly clean and smooth. Being that it's organic it has a pleasant  natural clean smell which is rather subtle and i also found it didn't irritate my eyes. I was also impressed with how well it removed my make-up, which makes my skincare process that much quicker and easier. 

Refreshing toner 60ml
I find some toners can leave my skin feeling rather taught and again cause problems with my dry skin so I'm quite picky when it comes to toners. However i find this toner removes any remaining dirt and oils and leaves my skin feeling soft and comfortably taught, with out causing any irritation to my combination skin. I like to put a few drops of this on a damp cotton pad and apply to my face and then blot dry with a tissue. Like the facial wash it has a pleasant fresh organic smell but it is very faint. 

Soothing day & night cream 15ml
I must admit day cream is something I'm very slack about but i have seen the benefits of using one on a regular basis. The day cream is nice and light which is quickly absorbed and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, which is a perfect base for my make-up. Because of this i have also noticed that i haven't been reaching for a primer as my skin already feels in lovely condition and i didn't want to add any more product. The night cream is slightly thicker in consistency but i still find my skin absorbers it quite quickly and isn't too rich that is makes my oily patches worse but is still enough to really help my dry areas. I also love that with both of these creams a little goes a long way so you don't need a lot of product.

I have found from using this complete skincare regime my skin has improved quite a bit, i have found that my skin type is more natural than combination so it feels lovely and smooth and it has even slightly improved the redness i get on my cheeks. Being only 23 i can't really comment on the first signs of ageing benefits but even without that it has improved my skin and i really enjoy using it. It all comes in a cute little green wash bag, which i have used as an overnight cosmetics bag. Overall i think it's a great little trial set which gives you plenty of product to give you a long enough indication whether or not you wish to buy the full size products. A perfect treat for yourself if your wanting to try a new skincare regime or pretty enough for a nice little gift. X



  1. This looks great, love the idea behind the products, lovely post and pictures :)


    1. Thank you, it's a lovely thought isn't it x

  2. This post is very attractive. the baby soap is best for baby. Take care of skin is our daily work. This kind of skin care product is a part if our life.

  3. Those products look amazing! My skin is super sensitive and I'm always trying new products to find what works best. Love your blog!
    Follow me via GFC and I'll follow you, doll. <3

    1. This may be a good little regime for you to try then as it's all very natural based x


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