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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Goodbye Google Redaer But Do Stay In Touch!

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well and having a wonderful week. I currently have a stinking cold which is just fantastic so I'm stuffing myself with the Mr's miracle chicken stew that always seems to get me back on the mend and feeling better haha. 

We are all aware Google reader is meant to be going on Monday the 1st of July, :( bloody typical as i was soooo close to hitting 500 followers too! Anyway I'm not going to bang on about my annoyance about it leaving but instead remind all you lovely followers to please stay in touch by following by other ways, i have tried to get myself across everything so everyone will have at least one way to follow haha. 

On the side of my blog you will see lots of little round pink circles with different symbols on like this one,
this for example is my face book button and will take you straight over to my face book page. So you can click on these and follow me by which ever ones you would like to, there's my YouTube channelface book pagetwitterInstagramgoogle+ and bloglovin.

So this would be a very long process to do this with every single blog you follow so I'm going to quickly show you how you can follow all the blogs you currently are with google reader with a few simple steps for Bloglovin. So firstly sign in or sign up to bloglovin (if your signing up it literally only takes a few minutes).  You then need to click the little heart icon and go down to settings..
Once you click settings scroll down to where it says Other and then click on the import blogs button...
After following the import google reader prompts bloglovin will then ask your permission to look into your google reader information, to which you want to click accept...
Once that's done you will then see all the blogs you follow being imported to bloglovin like so...
And that's it, all the blogs you was following via google reader now in one easy place for you to carry on following and reading! I would love if you could take the time to keep in touch as i have some cool projects in the pipe line along with lots and lots more reviews and giveaway's, so please don't miss out. X


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Firmoo Glasses Giveaway!!

Hello lovelies, i hope you're having a wonderful day. So the lovely people at Firmoo have contacted me again and asked if i would like to hold another giveaway for you (i done one round Christmas time if your new) and of course i said yes as it would be awesome to treat you guys. I already own a pair of Firmoo glasses and think they're brilliant, if you'd like to read my thoughts on them than you can read it here.

  Firmoo are kindly giving me six that's right SIX $20 vouchers to giveaway to some of you lovely people towards their classic series range and if there is over 50 contestants one lucky winner will win a completely free pair! Just to show you how lovely they're glasses/sunglasses are here are my top three picks.

Firmoo also offer a first pair free service to all new customers all you need to do is pay for the shipping, which i think is an amazing thought as glasses can be quite expensive. What i also really like about Firmoo is that you don't have to need prescription glasses to get a pair as they also offer a selection of frames which can also be fashionable, so if you like the geek look but don't want to damage your eyes or look silly and have no lens's at all you can finally find a pair here. 

So here's the rules:

* This giveaway is open internationally, as long as Firmoo ship to your country (you can check here).
*Each $20 voucher can only be used towards the glasses so doesn't include postage. 
*If over 50 contestants one lucky winner will win their chosen pair completely free of charge. 
*To be a valid contestant you MUST follow me as this is a treat for my followers and you HAVE to leave a comment stating which pair you'd like to win, please don't forget to comment else you will not be a valid contestant. I will be checking!
*Vouchers can only be used towards the glasses in the classic series range.

As always with my giveaways i will be using rafflecopter so it's fair and i will run this giveaway till 15.07.13, good luck X

YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT SAYING WHICH PAIR YOU'D LIKE TO WIN TO BE ENTERED! Sorry for the capitals but I've had a few people not do this rule haha.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Haul: My Recent Picks

Hello lovelies, hope you're all having a good week. Today i wanted to share my recent buys over the past two weeks, and wanted to get it up quick so that the clothes items that are included are still around just in case you want them too. 
Ok so I'm going to do this in shop order instead of photo order so I'm not hoping from one place to another, hopefully this will make a lot more sense haha. 

House of Fraser
Urban decay naked basics palette £20 - Urggggh i am in love with this palette! I don't own any naked palette's (as i have never been able to afford them) but i have always wanted them as I'm a neutral matte kinda gal. This palette has a wonderful colour choice and i believe is muti functioning too, however I'll explain all this in a review soon.
Benefit the pore fessional £24.50 - I've heard so much good stuff about this primer i finally caved in and bought it. I'm not gonna lie it was an impulse buy and when i walked out the shop i was a bit like I've just spent how much on a primer! But it is amazing and i do not regret it now that I've tried it. 

Miss Selfridge
Eylure double lashes 202 £1.60 (sale) - For a reason unknown to me i love lashes and want a massive stash of them so when i saw these in the sale for that price i had to snap them up. Sadly they have sold out but they're normal price is around £7 and here's the to them on the eylure website.

Montagne Jeunesse glacial clay spa mask £1.49 - I love these masks and they're now the only ones from this brand that i use, they leave my skin amazingly soft and smooth. I normally pick these up when food shopping when my skin needs a little pick me up but in Boots they currently have them on offer for 4 for £3 so naturally i stocked up.
Barry M high shine gelly nail paint key lime £3.99 - I'm not really one for green polishes (unless it's a jade green) but i fell in love with this shade. It's a stunning colour and i shall have swatches up soon.
Barry M confetti nail effects sour apple £3.99 - I'm not really one for glitter but wow i fell in love with this confetti! They have a few other colours that look amazing too.
Sinfulcolors easy going £1.99 - I know i know i own A LOT of pink polishes but i really like how this one is so pale, i just think it's a perfect shade for a nice feminine look.
Bourjois healthy mix serum 52 Vanille £10.99 - Whilst buying the naked basic palette the lovely girl that served me said that i should try this and seem as i was looking for a new foundation to try i thought i would take her advice. And i must admit so far I'm loving it so keep your eye's peeled for a review soon.

Sunglasses £2 -  I never seem to suite any kind of sunglasses but i insist on wearing aviators anyway haha. I don't like to spend a lot of money on them as they always just get chucked in my handbag or my little boy gets his hands on them, so i always get the Primark ones.
Cross studs £1.50- Ok so i did already have these but my cheeky little son got his hands on them and now i only have one gold cross left haha. So when i saw that they still had these in i picked up another set as they do look really nice on. 
Black maxi skirt £8- The other month i tried on a skirt very similar to this in Topshop but couldn't face handing over that much money for it and when i thought no actually i want it it was gone, so as soon as i saw this one i snapped it up as it is all but the same. I picked it up in size 10 although if they had an 8 i think that would of fitted better but hey ho you know what Primark's like for really nice items. It has a massive slit up the side and i can't wait to style it up, if you follow me on Instagram you would of seen the pic i put up of what it looks like on.

River Island
Purple skull bikini top £10 bottoms £8 (sale) - How amazing is this bikini! Ok so on the website it says that it's red...i have no idea why as it couldn't be more purple if it tried, it does also come in a few other colours. I was in need of a new bikini (as me & the Mr are having a spa day on Sunday woop woop hehe) but as i hardly ever wear one was hunting through the sales and to be fair i didn't really find much out there until i come across this bad boy. I am in love with the big metal diamante skull, i think it is very me haha.

Glow polished £10 - My god i am in love with this, so yet another thing to keep your eyes peeled for haha. It's a wonderful cream highlight that gives such a lovely subtle glow and you can use it wherever you like. Annoyingly i can't find a link for this on Topshops website but i would imagine it's still in stores.
TFNC soledo maxi lace black dress £65 - I know I've said i am in love a lot in this post but this is LOVE! I tried this on the other month and i was besotted but didn't really have a reason to wear it, well a few weeks ago we was invited to a wedding so naturally the first thought that came to mind was thank god i can now get that dress...yes that's right I'm wearing it to a wedding haha. I didn't take a full length picture as i couldn't get a decent one and i thought you'd see it better on their site but i did want to show how beautiful the lace detailing is. It's a full length dress with capped sleves, a big slit up the front with a lace back which goes round the sides and front, and it's a very snug fit. Although i bought this in Topshop for £65 i can't find it on their website so the link is to TFNC's own site which is a bonus as if you buy it from their it's £58, it also comes in white and red.

Have you got any of these items, if so what are your thoughts? X


Monday, 10 June 2013

Funky acid leopard nails

Hello lovelies, hope you've all had a fantastic week and enjoyed the lovely sunshine. As you can tell from the title this is another nail post, i know i know I've done a lot of nail posts lately i promise I'll have some beauty related posts up asap. Now if you've followed me for awhile you will know how much i love leopard print nails and even mixing up the colours.

Not that I'm blowing my own trumpet on the print but isn't this colour combination amazing, urggggh i love it haha! I love using the models own nail art pen to do a leopard print, it's really easy to control and makes it super quick. 

To do these nails i applied two coats of Barry M's key lime, which is the most amazing lime colour and i needed it as soon as i saw it. I then placed random dots of different sizes of the L'Oreal acid watermelon, just so some of the spots have a colour in the centre and will break it up a little and make the print a bit more funky. And finally used my Models Own nail art pen to create the leopard print, if you would like to see how i achieve my leopard print you can see my quick tutorial here

Are you a lover of leopard print nails? X


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Six Summer Nail Polish Picks

Hello lovelies, i hope your all having a wonderful week, are you all enjoying the lovely sunshine we've had? So today's post is six nail polishes i think every gal should own for the summer, I could of picked sooooo many more but i thought for now six is plenty for this post. However if you would like to see more summer picks than just let me know and i shall be happy to share some more. 
From left to right (of top picture) we have:
Models Own pink punch £5
Sinfulcolors island coral £1.99
L'Oreal acid watermelon £4.99
Models Own jade green £5
Models Own grape juice £5
L'Oreal confetti topcoat £4.99

Off topic put i just want to say a sorry for the picture layout, i know that might seem rather odd but it's annoying me so i would imagine it will annoy other people too haha. I love all these individual colours and think they all look lovely with summer outfits. I tried to keep in with certain trends whilst picking these hence why i picked the neon pink punch and the pastel grape juice. But most importantly i think if there's any of these six polishes you should choose it's got to be the L'Oreal confetti topcoat as it's so in trend right now and you can put it over whatever colour takes your fancy. 

I don't really feel it necessary to go into detail about each individual polish as this post will be stupidly long. But i will mention that i like the formula for each polish, they all dry reasonably fast and with a good top coat they last pretty darn well. I also love that they're all reasonable prices so if you wanted to treat yourself to a nice new summer colour it won't break the bank. 

What's on your nails when it's nice and sunny? X

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