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Thursday, 25 July 2013

500 Follower Giveaway!

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a wonderful week seem as you all made my week so amazing! If you follow me on Instagram especially you would of seen that earlier this week i hit 500 followers! This to me is just amazing and completely blows my mind, especially with it not coming that far behind my blogs first birthday. 
I know it's what I've said when I've hit milestones along the way to this but it truly does mean a lot and seems insane to me that so many people are interested in my crazy little make-up rambles. Blogging has made me so much more confident and driven in what i want to do that having this amount of people backing me does make me feel rather overwhelmed, i don't think any of you realise how much each follower truly makes me smile. 

So to thank you for reaching such an amazing milestone I'm giving one lucky follower the opportunity to win a MAC lipstick of their choice. I would love to be able to send one to each and every follower as a thank you but sadly i don't have that kind of money haha. This giveaway is open internationally as long as there isn't any odd postage rules for your country haha. Please no false entries because i will check before i send this off so it won't work and not only that it's not fair to those who do follow as this is a thank you gift for them. As always i will be doing this giveaway through rafflecopter so it's fair and I'm not personally choosing. I wish you all good luck and thank you once again X
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Review // No7 Tickle Lip Crayon

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a wonderful day. Today i'm sharing my thoughts on a new lip product i bought the other week. 
No7 High Shine Lip Crayon - Tickle £9

With the wonderful weather in England i was i need of a coral lippy and seem as i didn't have any lip crayons this one really took my fancy. As you can see from the close up it has wonderful gold shimmers which look amazing on the lips when it catches the sun light. Although it is quite sheer it still has a wonderful coral tone to it which i was really happy with as i've found that other sheer corals seem to have no colour pay off for me. There's also something about it being a crayon that makes me feel like a big kid whose colouring in their lips that rather amuses me.....hope that's not just me haha.

I love that it's very moistuising so it gives lovely juicy plumb looking lips, which is what we all want especially in this weather. I find this lasts quite well on me, obviously with these kind of products you can expect to have to touch up a few times throughout the day but even with that said i find it fades really nicely so if you do forget it won't look ridiculous. This is certainly a lip product i have been reaching for on bright sunny days and there's something about it that makes me feel sexy. 

Are you a fan of lip crayons? X
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Review // MUA Brunette Eyebrow Pencil

Hello lovelies, hope your all well sorry I've been away for a while. The other week i done a post on my eyebrow routine so staying on that topic i thought I'd share my thoughts on the MUA eyebrow pencil.
MUA eyebrow pencil £1

Shaping my eyebrows has now become a very important part of my routine so i have gone from not using this at all to including it in my everyday make-up. If like me you struggle to get your desired shape naturally as some parts wont grow at all or you only have sparse hairs, using a pencil to basically draw the shape that you want on really makes a difference. 

I like this pencil as one to learn with as it is only £1 but i will be completely honest and say it's not amazing. I find it quite soft and can smudge quite easy...not really something you want if you rub your eyebrow whilst out and not realise! When i say it's soft i mean you have to use a really light hand else you'll get a lot of product and it won't look very natural. The other down side i have is just how dark it is when they offer so little colour choice and with it being extremely pigmented and soft it's so easy to get your outline way to dark. In the swatch photo i have used a very light hand and it's still a bit dark, so if you have lighter brown hair i certainly wouldn't recommend this one for you.

Even with this said i have enjoyed experimenting with it and i do think my eyebrows have looked nice, I'm just glad my hair is quite dark so I've been able to pull it off. I think it would be good to try if your thinking about changing how you do your eyebrows as it's so inexpensive but personally for me i will be on a hunt for a pencil that suites me more and is easier to get on with. 

Do you use an eyebrow pencil as part of your brow routine? X
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Friday, 12 July 2013

A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a wonderful week. My good friend over at Rosie tinted spectacles done this post and thought i should do one as well seem as I've changed a lot. So I thought it would be kind of fitting to be my first post of this blogging year as a lot my changes have come about through blogging. 
Dear 15 year old me...
Go to school! All the adults are right when they say it's the best years of your life, and eight years on you'll regret that you missed out on having more fun then what you did. You aren't getting bullied, your a smart intelligent girl and you can still hang out down the skate park and see your boy friend. It's not so much that you'll regret not getting the grades you could achieve, more so wish you had more of a laugh with your school mates who'll most of which you won't see again.   
You should also enjoy this time of being able to go to parties and pretty much do what you want, as there will come a time you can't and sooner than you think. Spend more time with your dad as there will come a time you'll realise just how important he is to you, your still a daddy's girl so make a bit more time with him. Also give yourself a kick up the ass in the way your dis-respecting your mum, she lets you get away with murder and gives you a LOT of freedom....looking back to most mum's she's actually really cool. Not only that your relationship will be a lot better and she deserves to be happy and not stressing out about you.
On the beauty side of things I'll let you carry on as you do eventually find your way but please never get your hair cut short as you look so much nicer with longer hair and you will do nothing but cry haha. Embrace your body, yes i know your as skinny as a twig which gives you body confidence issues...but you look good and you won't be that skinny forever trust me! Also you don't need quite so much eye liner or mascara, panda eye's at mid day aren't that great a look. 
But lastly and most importantly don't let people put you down and make you think that your a drop out and a nothing! Hold your head up high and know that you do finally find your direction (in something you would of never thought about) and you do make something of your life. People say your nothing because it upsets you so don't let it, i promise it's not true and you'll be confident and happy with that side of your life one day.
Just be more confident in yourself, have more fun and remember it's ok to let your hair down and act a fool xxx
What would you say to your 15 year old self? I tag anyone who would also like to do this post and make sure if you do don't forget to leave me a comment so i can come and read it X
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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Blogs 1st Birthday & Giveaway!!!!!

Hello lovelies, hope your all having an amazing week so far. Well as you can tell from the title it's my blogs first birthday!!!!
Image taken from Google
Wow just wow, i know everyone says it but i honestly can't believe it's been a year and just how amazing it's been. It took a lot for me to start this blog and it was actually my mum giving me a reassuring nudge to finally start it up, so i have to thank her cause otherwise i wouldn't of had the balls to start. I started this blog to share my thoughts with what i thought would be a few like minded people instead of boring the Mr to death talking about make-up haha. In this year i have gained so much confidence it's unreal, I'm not the shy wall flower who just became a mum with no direction i used to be. In this year i have started my own YouTube channel, enrolled for a make-up artist course, had some great oppotunities open up to me and have gained nearly a thousand followers in total. I really can't get over it and it means the word to me.... i mean that is just mind blowing!

Because of this i want to thank you by doing a big giveaway for one lucky follower to win some of the products I've loved through my first year of blogging.
Here's what i have picked to go in my beauty box:

Montagne jeunesse glacial clay spa mask
No7 hot cloth cleanser
Soap & Glory the righteous butter
Toni & Guy sea salt texturising spray
Macadamia deep repair masque 
Revlon eyelash curlers
MUA undress me too palette
MUA artiste palette
MUA mega volume mascara 
Barry M foil effects gold
Sinfulcolors soul mate and island coral
Nail art rock chick 

Like all of my giveaways i will be using rafflecopter so it's fair and i don't have to choose anyone, as this is a giveaway for my followers i will be checking at the end so please no false entries. Unfortunately this is only open for UK residents due to the weight, I'm really sorry i promise i will do an international giveaway soon so it's not completely unfair. I hope who ever wins will enjoy these products as much as me and good luck to everyone, thank you all for making this a brilliant year X
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

NOTD // Sinfulcolors Island Coral

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a wonderful day no doubt enjoying this lovely sunshine.  As the sun was shining i wanted to have a nice summery shade on my nails and seem as i haven't swatched this beautiful shade for you guys yet i thought it would be a great opportunity. 
Sinfulcolors Island coral £1.99
The other day i shared a Sinfulcolor shade called soul mate which is a more pinky subtle coral, where this one is far more bold and bright. I can find this shade a little hit and miss with it being streaky, sometimes I'll only need two coats but some days I'll need to apply another thin layer. Even with that said i still find it dries quickly, is easy to apply and lasts well on my nails, so personally for me it cancels out the hit and miss factor. I love these polishes and can't fault them for the price, they also have so many colours to chose from and i shall certainly be getting my hands on more. 

Do you like to wear coral nails when the sun is shining? X
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My Eyebrow Routine

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a wonderful day. Today i thought i would share my updated eyebrow routine as I've changed it quite a bit and learnt a lot more since the last post i done, which seems a life time ago now. I personally think a nice set of eyebrows can make such a huge difference and make your make-up look so much more polished, even if you are going for just an everyday look. Doing my eyebrows has now become a essential part of doing my make-up and even if I'm in a rush i will still take the time to do them.
 MUA Eyebrow Pencil £1 :Firstly i take the little brush and comb my brows up and into my desired shape. I use the brunette pencil they do although i do find it rather dark i can just about make it work for me. As i use this to outline my brow shape i will always sharpen it before use so I'm working with a really thin tip, i find this makes it more easy to leave an accurate line so i can give them more shape and structure. I find it easiest to do little flicks and start from the middle of the brow as this is wear you want it to be the darkest, i never go right to wear my brow begins as i like to feather it in lightly to look a bit more natural. 

MUA Pro-Brow Kit £3.50: I then use an angled brush and mix the middle and darkest eye shadows together and fill in my brow, this helps where i have any sparse hairs so the whole brow looks a lot more even. I then use this in small flick like motions to feather in the start of the brow and do the tail so it fades out slightly to look a bit more natural. 

MUA Conceal & Brighten Kit £3.50: I then take my concealer brush which is the MUA F3 brush and the concealer (the medium shade on the left) and use this to really sculpt out the brow and give it a more flawless shape. I find this really makes a difference as you can get nice crisp lines so really gives a polished look as you can erase any slight mistakes. If you'd like to see swatches and know my thoughts on this product you can read it here.

GOSH Defining Brow Gel £4.99:To finish off the look i will then lightly apply this brow gel to keep all the hairs stuck in place, so they won't budge and will look flawless through the day. I also like doing this as i find it gives the hairs a bit more texture so they look nice and natural, instead of looking like they're packed full of product and stuck right down on your face. I have a more detailed review about this product which you can read here.

Since doing my eyebrows this way i have actually got a few compliments which is really nice as at first i was i little worried they was a touch too dark. Although the process is longer than my old routine i really love how a more structured eyebrow frames the eyes and just overall makes a difference.

Do you have a certain way you like to do your eyebrows? X
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Sunday, 7 July 2013

NOTD // Sinfulcolors Soul Mate

Hello lovelies, hope you've all had a wonderful week. The sun has been shining here in England at last so i was feeling coral nails this morning. 
I've had this polish for a few weeks now and have been meaning to swatch it for you for quite some time but like a fool i kept forgetting.  I love this pinky light coral colour, it's nice and girly and i think would look lovely for a formal occasion as it's not to bright. 

It was one of the first Sinfulcolors nail polish i picked up and seem as it was only £1.99 i wasn't holding my breath for the formula to be amazing, you know what it can be like with a cheep polish. However i was pleasantly surprised as the colour was bright and wasn't all that streaky, so i only need two coats. It applies really well, dries fast and lasts on my nails really well too. I have to say as a polish for me it ticks all the boxes i look for, so expect to see a lot more shades from this brand on here, especially at that price!

Do you own any Sinfulcolor polishes?

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Friday, 5 July 2013

NOTD // Jade And Textured Gold

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a lovely day. It's been awhile since I've done a nails of the day post but I've had plain nails on colours I've already swatched so it was pointless in me posting, however the other day i had a thought and gave it a try. I wanted a textured nail but not in the colours that i already own, so i wondered if i could apply a colour on top of a textured polish to create what i wanted and this is how it turned out...

 Excuse the horrible cuticles i need to do some serious nail loving haha. There is slight ware in the polish as i did do these the other day and prior to taking photos i was doing typical mummy housework  stuff, but aside from that it turned out exactly how i wanted. 

On all the fingers apart from my ring finger i used Topshop nails in gone fishing (£5), which is a colour I'm very much in love with as it's a beautiful jade green and i really like the formula as it dries quick and  lasts on my nails well. To create the textured gold nail i first applied two coats of Barry M texture nail paint (£3.99) in shade Ridley road so the gold had that bumby base i wanted. I then used a very thin coat of Barry M foil effects (£3.99) in gold and once dry it still left the textured effect. I'm super happy knowing i can use this little trick to get a textured effect now in whatever colour i please, my mind is filling with different combinations already haha.

Do you like textured nails, does this little cheat excite you too?

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Family Day At The Zoo

Hello lovelies, i hope your all having a wonderful week. So as you can tell by the title this is going to be a lifestyle type of post and full of photo's of cute animals haha.  These are just a FEW of the photo's i took, i actually took 260 odd haha so i just thought I'd share my favourites. 
 Last week the Mr had a week off, which was wonderful as it meant we all got some well needed family time at last. Although we didn't actually go on holiday we done some day activities, one of which was going to the zoo with my dad to show Aiden the animals for the first time! Bless he was so excited he was up at 6 am all the way to 6pm when we left and he basically walked around the whole zoo too haha. We went to Paignton zoo  which is a wonderful zoo if your near by and has lots of found memories for me as i went there many a time in my childhood.

I really enjoyed it as a family day but i also had a lot of fun testing out my new camera, blogging has certainly brought out my love of photography. I think it's also safe to say it went down a storm with Aiden as it's still all he will talk about haha. 

Do you still enjoy a day at the zoo if so what's your favourite zoo to visit? Also have you noticed I've give my blog a makeover, I'd love to know your thoughts and opinion on it X 
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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Unique Jewelry From Shopbevel & A Treat

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a fantastic week. Today i want to share a wonderful unique jewelry website with you called ShopBevel. What's so different about Shopbevel is that all the designs that are for sale have been chosen by the public, but before i talk about the website itself here's my top three picks that's currently available to buy.
Golden infinity necklace $29
Elephant golden ring $25
Gatsby pearl teardrop earrings $42

Shopbevel was set up to give designers who may struggle to get their work noticed the opportunity to have their designs seen and network with a vast online community where they can gain feed back and exposure for their brand. The designs go onto the voting page where you the public can vote for your favourite pieces and the designs with the most votes then go into production. I really like that they set design challenges such as the wild thing challenge where these stunning pair of gold elephant studs won along with the elephant ring i showed above and other lovely creations.  I have spent a while looking though all the wonderful designs that are on the voting page and one unique piece i had to share was this...
I mean can we just take a second to admire this wonderful creation! As you can tell from the four designs I've showed the variety is huge, there is literally something unique and different for everyone.

I'm very much in love with the whole aspect of this website, the fact that i myself can help someone live their dream in designing, making and selling their work simply by looking at lots of wonderful designs and voting for those i would like to buy. I find it very en-powering that i can help chose what goes into production and therefore sold on a website, i feel like it makes the customers feel involved and heard which in my eyes is important. But what's made me even more excited about this wonderful site, is Shopbevel has very kindly give me a code for you guys to get 25% off until the end of July! So if you want to get yourself a special unique piece of jewelry for an amazing price than all you have to do is sign up, which is free to do and takes two seconds and then enter code: BBSTUDS at the checkout.

Make sure to leave me a comment telling me what lovely designs you bought! X
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