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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Eyebrow Routine

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a wonderful day. Today i thought i would share my updated eyebrow routine as I've changed it quite a bit and learnt a lot more since the last post i done, which seems a life time ago now. I personally think a nice set of eyebrows can make such a huge difference and make your make-up look so much more polished, even if you are going for just an everyday look. Doing my eyebrows has now become a essential part of doing my make-up and even if I'm in a rush i will still take the time to do them.
 MUA Eyebrow Pencil £1 :Firstly i take the little brush and comb my brows up and into my desired shape. I use the brunette pencil they do although i do find it rather dark i can just about make it work for me. As i use this to outline my brow shape i will always sharpen it before use so I'm working with a really thin tip, i find this makes it more easy to leave an accurate line so i can give them more shape and structure. I find it easiest to do little flicks and start from the middle of the brow as this is wear you want it to be the darkest, i never go right to wear my brow begins as i like to feather it in lightly to look a bit more natural. 

MUA Pro-Brow Kit £3.50: I then use an angled brush and mix the middle and darkest eye shadows together and fill in my brow, this helps where i have any sparse hairs so the whole brow looks a lot more even. I then use this in small flick like motions to feather in the start of the brow and do the tail so it fades out slightly to look a bit more natural. 

MUA Conceal & Brighten Kit £3.50: I then take my concealer brush which is the MUA F3 brush and the concealer (the medium shade on the left) and use this to really sculpt out the brow and give it a more flawless shape. I find this really makes a difference as you can get nice crisp lines so really gives a polished look as you can erase any slight mistakes. If you'd like to see swatches and know my thoughts on this product you can read it here.

GOSH Defining Brow Gel £4.99:To finish off the look i will then lightly apply this brow gel to keep all the hairs stuck in place, so they won't budge and will look flawless through the day. I also like doing this as i find it gives the hairs a bit more texture so they look nice and natural, instead of looking like they're packed full of product and stuck right down on your face. I have a more detailed review about this product which you can read here.

Since doing my eyebrows this way i have actually got a few compliments which is really nice as at first i was i little worried they was a touch too dark. Although the process is longer than my old routine i really love how a more structured eyebrow frames the eyes and just overall makes a difference.

Do you have a certain way you like to do your eyebrows? X
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  1. I am exactly the same, I can not go out with out my eyebrows done! I used to use Browzings by Benefit but am using a Rimmel Pencil at the moment. I love big, dark eyebrows, great way to finish a look.
    I tint them as well.
    KB xx

  2. Great tips !!

    Your brows are simply beautiful :D

    I always to mine with rope I don't know if you know that technique ?

    I have 1 new post and would love to know your opinion :)

    Just uploaded a post new and would love to know your opinion!

    Have a great day :D


  3. Lovely tips! I have just picked up the MUA pro brow kit and I can't wait to use it :D x

  4. I was looking for some new eyebrow products and these ones look great. Really useful post :-)

    1. Aw i'm glad you found it a help :) x

  5. These products look amazing! And so affordable too :) I have serious eyebrow envy right now !

    Rosie xo

  6. You got amazing stuff your eyebrows

  7. I really want to try the MUA brow kit! Every Superdrug I go to they never have any! :( x
    Amy |

    1. I know they always seem to be sold out at mine as well, fingers crossed you can get hold of it soon x


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