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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Unique Jewelry From Shopbevel & A Treat

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a fantastic week. Today i want to share a wonderful unique jewelry website with you called ShopBevel. What's so different about Shopbevel is that all the designs that are for sale have been chosen by the public, but before i talk about the website itself here's my top three picks that's currently available to buy.
Golden infinity necklace $29
Elephant golden ring $25
Gatsby pearl teardrop earrings $42

Shopbevel was set up to give designers who may struggle to get their work noticed the opportunity to have their designs seen and network with a vast online community where they can gain feed back and exposure for their brand. The designs go onto the voting page where you the public can vote for your favourite pieces and the designs with the most votes then go into production. I really like that they set design challenges such as the wild thing challenge where these stunning pair of gold elephant studs won along with the elephant ring i showed above and other lovely creations.  I have spent a while looking though all the wonderful designs that are on the voting page and one unique piece i had to share was this...
I mean can we just take a second to admire this wonderful creation! As you can tell from the four designs I've showed the variety is huge, there is literally something unique and different for everyone.

I'm very much in love with the whole aspect of this website, the fact that i myself can help someone live their dream in designing, making and selling their work simply by looking at lots of wonderful designs and voting for those i would like to buy. I find it very en-powering that i can help chose what goes into production and therefore sold on a website, i feel like it makes the customers feel involved and heard which in my eyes is important. But what's made me even more excited about this wonderful site, is Shopbevel has very kindly give me a code for you guys to get 25% off until the end of July! So if you want to get yourself a special unique piece of jewelry for an amazing price than all you have to do is sign up, which is free to do and takes two seconds and then enter code: BBSTUDS at the checkout.

Make sure to leave me a comment telling me what lovely designs you bought! X
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  1. That bracelet is stunning! I love how it almost looks Egyptian xo

    1. I know i was instantly drawn to it x

  2. currently lusting over the gold infinity necklace!

    now following

    1. I really want this too, i'm currently really into simple jewelry x


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