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Monday, 9 September 2013

TAG // My Firsts

Hello lovelies, hope you've all had a wonderful day. Long time no see right, if you follow me on twitter you will know I've been MIA cause me and my baby boy have been rather poorly and sadly he still is so blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat. Anyways the lovely Emma from not your average blog tagged me in the my firsts post, it's pretty much the blog equivalent of the similar named You Tube video tag. 

First concert?
Alice Cooper on what i think was his brutal planet tour in 2002....2003? I'm not too sure which year but i remember being around 12/13. I'm a massive Alice Cooper fan and as a Christmas gift my mum took me to Cardiff to see the legend play live and it was amazing! 

First kiss?
I'm gonna class my first kiss from when it actually meant something and was proper instead of the little pecks i had prior haha. It was with a lad called Adam when i was 14 and we actually stayed together for nearly three years.

First best friend?
I have two which i have basically been friends with since the dawn of time haha so I'm not sure who came first but that is my very dear friends Rosie and Shaunie who i still talk to and see a lot and are basically like sisters to me.

First job?
My first job was a temp Christmas position in House of Fraser on the Swarovski concession when i was 17. I actually really enjoyed it cause i got to look at pretty sparkly jewelry all day haha however we had to stand up through are whole shift and it used to kill my feet.

First music i bought?
I'm totally blank with this question but i really want to say it was Linkin Park Hybrid theory which i got when i was just leaving primary school and i used to play it all the time.

First phone?
The Nokia 3510 and i bloody loved that thing haha. I got it when i was 13/14 and i begged my mum for it and managed to talk her into it by saying she could then keep in contact with me when i was out with my friends. I'm actually pretty sure it's in a draw somewhere at my mums still! 

First car?
I can't actually drive yet I'm currently learning but seem as I'm on the insurance and I've drove it a few times plus it's what I'll drive when i do pass, so i guess it'll be my chaps BMW 323ci coupe. 

First tweet?
Considering i have done over a whopping 4000 tweets i have no idea and i can't seem to go back that far haha but I'm sure it would be along the lines of how confusing is this.

First make-up?
Apart from just using my mums i remember buying the Maybelline great lash mascara and my mum gave me a fancy name branded black gel eyeliner. Due to this the majority of my teenage years i had panda eyes and thought it was a good look haha.

First celebrity crush?
I honestly can't remember so i think i would have to say it was Chester Bennington the lead singer from Linkin park.

First holiday without parents?
 It probably doesn't count as we was with his mum but when i was with my first serious boyfriend we use to go to Haven once a year for a long weekend haha. 

First blog post?
You can actually read my very first post here if you would like to but it was basically a rather short hello and brief introduction to me and what my blog was going to be about. I don't know if you can tell but i was extremely shy and nervous about starting my blog. 

So there we go that's some of my firsts, what's yours? I tag all of you so make sure if you do this post to leave a comment below so i can get to know you a bit more too. X 
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  1. Your first gig was Alice Cooper? That is the best first gig EVER!
    I'd love my first gig to have been something as cool as that, I saw Ant and Dec when they were Pj & Duncan xD

    Clearly I was a cool kid. Haha. At least my music taste got better as I grew up. Haha.

    Juyey xx

    1. Haha that's brilliant! Not gonna lie he was pretty F'ing amazing loved him since i was little and hoping to see him again before he stops touring x

  2. Hello dear,
    would you like to support each other's blogs via facebook and bloglovin? Or maybe you would like me to write a guest post at your blog? It is really sweet, congrats!

    Best wishes,


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