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Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween // Mummy Friendly Cat

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well and having a good Monday. So as we all know it's Halloween this week so plenty of strange and creative make-up looks are all over the place, sadly this year due to reasons listed in my last post i haven't had the time to do the make-up looks i wanted (booooo). So i thought to myself what can i do with the make-up i already have and wanted to do something mummy/child friendly so all you lovely mums who want to dress up can without terrifying their poor little ones haha. This look is really easy to do as the products i use most of you will more than likely have in your everyday make-up bag or you can pick up super cheep at a drug store or supermarket.

You will need:
foundation/ bb cream

Firstly you can start off how you would normally for your everyday make-up as the base doesn't matter what you use. I used my MUA matte perfect primer and then a small amount of bourjois healthy mix serum to give a slight coverage to help hide redness and slight imperfections, I then applied my collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer to banish my dark under eye circles. I also lightly filled in my eyebrows with the maybelline master brow pencil in soft brown just to shape them slightly and fill in where i have sparse hairs but i didn't do my full brow routine as i didn't want them to be too precise and bold. 

Next take your eyeliner (again it doesn't matter what type you prefer) i personally find a felt tip liner easiest to use to firstly map out where i want the black to go and fill in large areas quickly, i done this with the collection 2000 extreme felt liner. When doing this it's always good to have a reference photo to help guide you so i just used cats...seem as we want to look like a cat haha. For the nose i filled in the under/nostrils part of the nose in a upside down triangle type shape and then went down the middle of my filtrem. Before doing the cat mouth i used my MUA pro-base concealer to help block out my lips so the cupids bow wouldn't show through (i have quite full lips so this is a step I'd recommend just to make it look a bit more feline and polished), after doing so i then filled in my top lip and created feline like cheeks.  For the eyes you pretty much want to do a basic cat eye that's quite thick lined on the top and thin along the bottom, with an added thick exadurated tear duct and add a coat of mascara.

To make the black darker i then went over with my maybelline lasting drama gel liner and with what was left on the brush i used for little faint spots above the lips where cats would typically have them. Finally i set this all in place with a black eyeliner, i also done this to take away any shine so it looked a lot more natural....for a cat. To complete the look i applied my bronzer heavily to the temples, jaw line and on cheek bones to add a feline like structure and shake up that hair cause the huger and messier the better!

There we have it a quick and easy look you can do with make-up you already own and can wear without scaring any poor little children, perfect for a last minute Halloween party. Do you have any Halloween plans this year? X
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  1. Amazing make-up, this looks great!

  2. Super cute and simple look, love it! I'm going to be a dead doll on Thursday :) xx

    1. Thank you glad you like it :). Sounds freaky, i'm not a fan of doll's at the best of times haha x

  3. This is so amazingly creative! (: I am seriously going to try this out for Halloween!

    1. Aw thank you :) let me know if you do x

  4. omg, you're so beautiful! and this costume is very cute :)

  5. aww your make up is so cute!one of the best cat halloween make up "faces" I've ever seen!:)


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