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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lifestyle // Let's Catch Up

Well helloooo lovelies, it has been a while! So it has been like a month since i have done a post, which is absolutely insane and i have missed it and you wonderful ladies like crazy :(. So whilst I've been away from the blogging world my life has been a little manic and i thought i would touch upon it briefly so you all know why i just randomly vanished. 

Firstly I'm going to touch upon an emotional factor which i have spoken about before but a lot of you may not have read about is my fathers cancer. Without going to in depth, we found out that he needs to have chemotherapy, so obviously blogging wasn't really on my mind or something i wanted to do after. It will go on for a few months so I'm not too sure on how it may affect the frequency of my posts but i hope to work out some kind of schedule.

The biggest and most time consuming reason is that i have moved (YAY) not far from where i was already but into a lovely Victorian house closer to the city centre and i just love it haha. Now anyone who has moved before will understand the stresses and how much time it can take over (I'm literally still unpacking and finding homes for everything), however add a dog and a toddler into that mix and it makes it bloody hard and stupidly stressful! So on my You Tube videos my background will be different and look a darn site better, fingers crossed my lighting will be better too and who knows it may be good enough for me to start doing some tutorials. Also i may have a few DIY posts on re-vamping furniture and little home projects that I'm going to be doing, so if your a crafty person keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly and most annoyingly has been health, over the last month or two it has seemed like someone in the beckawoo household has been ill. This week my little one had to go in hospital so a lot of my time has/will be obviously focused around him. And i am also ill myself, I'm currently all tucked up in bed so seem as i had a free hour i thought i would write this haha. Hopefully once me and the little one are back on our feet that will be it as I'm rather fed up with illnesses now!

So yeah that's just a quick touch on why I've been MIA latley, I hope you've all been well and a massive thank you to all of you and all my new followers that have joined despite me having such a long break, it really means a lot X

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