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Monday, 18 November 2013

Review // MUA Luxe Power Brow

Having groomed brows is always something i strive towards seem as my own don't have the best shape and have areas where the hair is a little sparse, due to this i have made it my mission to try different products and techniques to get them perfect. However because of this it normally means i spend a while just on my brows and yes i am one of these ladies who won't go out the house without them done no matter how simple the rest of my make-up is or if it's just to walk the dog, so it can be very frustrating. 

I'm a sucker for nice packaging so the simple yet elegant box pleases me a lot, i also like how they have put instructions including pictures on how best to use it along the side of the box. To be completely honest i wasn't expecting to like/love this product as much as i do! I chose to get shade mid-brown as i don't like my brows to be to dark and the colour is in my eyes an amazing match and the highlighter shade compliments it wonderfully. The shade end is easy to use and has the right balance of softness so it applies great with a light hand and doesn't leave too much product on the brow, this may seem a little confusing but if you've used a pencil that is too hard or soft before you'll know the frustration. Both ends twist to get the product out like most of these kind of wands do which is fine but don't forget to wind it back down again! I had to re purchase this after having it for only a few days as i forgot to wind the shader side down put the lid back on and then when i took the lid back off all the product was smushed and stuck to the inside of the lid and i couldn't fix it.

Using this i can now do my brows in 5 minutes instead of the god knows how long it used to take, which especially makes my partner a million times happier as it cuts down the time it takes to do my make-up haha. I simply brush my brows in place use the shader end to shape my brows and lightly fill in sparse areas and then use the highlight end on my brow bone. The staying power is also impressive as my brows look freshly done all day which i love. I truly can't get over how easy, quick and long wearing this product is, it pretty much ticks all my groomed brow boxes and it's all in one easy to travel with wand! 

Have you tried anything from MUA's new luxe range yet?
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  1. Great post Becka. I've reviewed the Velvet Lip Lacquer, feel free to check it out over at:
    Have a great day.
    Gemma. x

  2. Both of the important brown products being together in one handy pencil is well handy, saves space in my make-up bag as well as time. I'll have to take a look and see what lighter colours they do and give it a try for myself.

    S xo.

    1. They have it in one lighter colour i believe hun x

  3. This looks like a great product, am definitely gonna give this a go. Such a great price too!

    Jo ★ | A Little Pop Of Coral

    1. Such great quality for the price i think x


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