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Friday, 20 December 2013

Lifestyle // My Christmas Wish list

 1. Frank & Doll Lola Cruz boots £150  I say they're £150 but they are currently on sale for £75! I don't really own a lot of boots and i am quite fussy when it comes to them but oh dear lord these are heavenly! 

2. River Island New deco purse £17  I have never owned a nice what i would call proper purse, my current one is from New Look and is about four years old! I've never wanted to hand over a lot of money for a purse but now i have a couple of nice handbags i think it's time my tatty purse was upgraded.

3. Sigmax Essential kit 10 brush $146   I am dying to get my hands on the beautiful Sigma brushes and what better time then to add this beautiful brush set (seem as they're not exactly cheep) on to a wish list!

4. Milkshake Trio Christmas gift set £29.99  Since my salon changed from using macadamia oil products to milkshake i have been dying to get my hands on their products as  they made my hair feel fabulous. This little set seems like a perfect place to start and it includes the whipped cream conditioner that i fell in love with. 

5. Cloud 9 The waving wand £99.95  I'll be honest, never would i be able to afford £100 on a curling wand no matter how fabulous it looks and how bad i want i think it would have to be a very special present. 

6. Satchels & Shoes Black tote bag £29.95  This bag is just so beautiful i had to add it to my Christmas wish list, i have been lusting after it for a while now and just think it would make a lovely addition to my other bags.

7. River Island Rose gold watch £28  I don't like watches and I'm not keen on gold....however i am lusting over this watch so bad! I know there are probably nicer more expensive gold watched out there but i am a woman of simple pleasures and i would love this under the tree haha. 

8. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume £23 (prices vary)  With all my might i didn't want to nor expect myself to like this perfume but from first sniff i was in love! I am a gal who loves sweet smelling perfume and scents so this was right up my alley. I did have lots of different perfume but now they are all running a little low so i had to add this to my wish list.

9. Yankee candle Sugared apple £14.99  As sad as it may seem I've always wanted a large jar Yankee candle but just can't come to terms with handing over that much for a candle haha. I bought this scent as one of the little samplers and my god it smells heavenly so i would be quite happy to have this in the huge size.

10. Urban Decay Naked 3 palette £37  Of course this is on my wish list, what beauty blogger who isn't lucky enough to already own it doesn't have their fingers crossed to unwrap one on Christmas day haha. Just look as it in all it's magnificent beauty!

11. Nars Adult content blush palette £30   Believe it or not i don't own a single Nars product....i know it's shocking and seems like I'm the only beauty blogger who doesn't but I'm afraid it's true. Due to this i think this would be a brilliant first Nars product to get as i have heard a lot about their blushers, especially deep throat. 

12. Batman Arkham Origins £25  Yes i understand compared to everything else that is on this list it is completely out of place but i am indeed a Xbox geek and my Christmas wouldn't be complete without at least one game haha. 

What's on your Christmas wish list?
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  1. the nikki minaj perfume is lovely ins't it! i didn't think i would like it at all but it's really nice!

    have a wonderful christmas!

    lora xx

    1. I was really shocked, seem as she's not exactly all there i was expecting something rather different haha. Aw thank you, you too hun xx

  2. Great post :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

  3. Cool wish list! Everyone wants that Naked3 palette (it looks really cool too)!


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