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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wedding Series // Tips On Finding Your Wedding Venue

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As silly and obvious as it sounds finding where and when your getting married is the first thing you need to find and settle on as it will pretty much be the centre of everything planning wise and can affect colour schemes and themes. There are lots of different places you can have the ceremony part of your wedding be it at a church, registry office or venues that have an approved room or area, personally for me i went for a venue and these are a few tips/pointers from my experience.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Review // Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser

Lush Million dollar moisturiser - £32.50
A little while ago i was very lucky to be invited to my local Lush for a blog event, as a massive self confessed Lushy i jumped at the chance and was very smitten when we was offered a product to try form their new sun care range. Personally for me the product that stood out was the million dollar moisturiser as it smelt so damn good and i always avoid using sun cream on my face as they all leave a horrible greasy feel. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Wedding Series // Beauty Wishlist

All images taken from Feel unique
Among the billion things i am currently doing planning a wedding for 4 months away is now one of them and a very big one you could say haha. Of course planning a wedding means organising food, flowers, venues etc etc. but to the bride and certainly one that's a beauty blogger it also means thinking of lovely products to use to make myself look and feel the best. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Giveaway // 2 Year Blog Birthday

Yesterday my little blog turned two and I'm such a proud mummy..haha! But seriously i am very proud of how far my blog has come and the opportunities it has opened up for me is unbelievable. Although i haven't been able to post half as much as i would like to due to being at college, trying to start up my beauty business and generally having quite a busy life lately it is still so lovely to see that you are all still following and reading my little blog. 

To show my appreciation i am holding a little giveaway in which one of you shall win either a MAC lipstick of your choice or a £15 Lush gift voucher, i wish i could give all my loyal readers a treat but i sadly can't afford to do such a thing. I have chose these two options as i love my MAC lipsticks and know many other gals do too but just in case that's not your bag and you rather some pamper time what better place to chose than Lush. 

As always i am running this giveaway through rafflecopter so I'm not personally choosing a winner so it is entirely fair, however i do check so no false entries, it doesn't wash with me! There will be several ways to earn yourself extra entries and some that you can do daily if you chose too. If you are under 16 than please get permission prior to entering and this is open to the UK only, sorry. Thank you all again for reading my blog and good luck!
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Review // LUSH Movis Face Soap

Lush Movis face soap £4.50 100g
Without a doubt this has to be the oddest Lush creation I've tried and i will be completely honest something i completely overlooked until a sample was kindly given to me to try from my local Lush. It's odd brown rectangle slab form covered in brown crumbs is not something i even glanced at long enough to actually engage in what it was for, because it wasn't that pretty i completely turned a blind eye and shame on me!
It turns out Movis is a gentle face soap that contains hop & wheatgerm oil, cocoa butter and wholemeal bread. This was made by one of the Lush founders oddly enough called Mo who joined her love of baking with soap making and there Movis was born, an ingenious name for a bread soap in my opinion. Now if your like me your probably thinking that bread is surely an extremely alien ingredient to put in a soap but it actually works as a very gentle exfoliator, who knew? It has a very unique scent which is quite hard to describe, it's kind of like a sweet bread... which may sound like it wouldn't be nice but I'm actually really attracted to it. It's certainly one to sniff next time your in a Lush just to see for yourself. 
The soap itself is rather squidgy unlike normal soaps, which you can either brake small pieces off or rub to lather in your hands like normal soap, i personally choose the latter. Although it doesn't lather up loads like your average soap bar it's just enough to cleanse your face and really feel it working, even the lather feels soft and delicate. Since I've been given this i have used it morning and night and i have to say it really has worked wonders on my skin. Before this i have never used a soap on my face as i find it too harsh and leaves my skin feeling rather horrible and dry, this however leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth and not to mention clean. 
This odd little soap has fast took the spot of my cleansing milk as aside from the amazing benefits it has on my skin it's fast and easy to use. I've got to admit I'm gutted i overlooked this product for so long as i now quite simply adore it in every way and it now certainly holds a spot on my bathroom sink!
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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Review // Sienna X Spray Tan Course

 Firstly i will say this review is based on the training experience i received through it being organised with a college, it might be different when buying direct from Sienna X.Sienna X is the market leading professional sunless tanning brand and is highly used throughout salons and at home. Although I'm learning tan application in my course at college i wanted to be Sienna X trained and certificated therapist as they are such a respected brand in the beauty industry and it is always good to be trained in the brand that your harm in adding more qualifications to your CV. 

The course itself is done in just a day usually from 9-4 and as you can imagine is structured and broke down so in that time you learn all aspects in how to apply a perfect spray tan. Before the actual course day you need to take an online test which gives you the basic knowledge of Sienna X's history, their products, basic skin anatomy and choosing what's best for the client. This may sound a little daunting but it's broke down and explained very well and the small tests are multiple choice. You also need to prepare your skin to be tanned so shave and exfoliate prior to the day of your course as to learn you spray tan each other, because of this you are also given a skin test to make sure you don't have a reaction to the product. On the day all you need to bring with you is some loose dark clothing that you can wear after the spray tan.

The start of the day is spent recapping in a bit more detail about the history of Sienna X and the products that they offer, they also explain about the equipment such as the spray gun itself and how to set it up and clean it. Part of this section is also how to set up the spray tent and put it down, for this the trainer needs to see each person do this so you will get an opportunity to do it yourself. After this you then go through a manual which is given to you at the start along with a goody bag which has a pictorial on the steps of a spray tan, this is first talked through so you have a slight understanding before the Sienna X therapist will do a demo. Once the demo is done you then practise on each other with the spray gun using water, this gives you chance to practise and get used to the speed and distance you need to spray and get used to the gun and steps taken to spray tan. You then do exactly the same but with the actual tan product instead of water whilst the therapist watches you and that's it you're a Sienna X spray tan therapist.

I was personally rather nervous on the day but the Sienna therapist we had teaching us was really lovely and quickly put me at ease, she was very friendly and professional. Even though you do learn a lot through the day, the way it's broke up and taught it's quite easy to take in and remember so it's not like you come away from the course feeling really confused. The only thing i will say is it's all about practise, once you've been taught it's quite easy to remember (and you have the pictorial to help) it's just doing it again a few times to really get the method. 

Overall i was really happy with the tuition i received and felt confident at the end that i was aware of what products to use for different clients and how to achieve a good spray tan. You can also get support after from the Sienna team so if there is something you are unsure about when you come home you can give them a call. I received my certificate a week after i had completed the course and i have to say it's very pretty and looks lovely displayed for your clients to see haha. It is quite pricey but i truly think it's worth it and can see why it's favoured in salons and has won awards. 
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Review // Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray

Charles Worthington volume & bounce texturising spray £6.99

Having incredibly thick, long heavy hair i am a sucker for any hair product that claims that it will add volume as it's some what lacking at the roots due to the sheer weight of my hair. After seeing this from Fleur DeForce's drugstore dupe video claiming to be the dupe for the Oribe texturising spray (which has quite an impressive price tag) i went into my local Boots the very next day to get one and try it for myself.

This product is designed to be dry and non greasy that is sprayed into dry hair to add height, volume and texture to get an instant back combed effect without the effort or damaging your hair.  Sounds brilliant in theory especially to me who isn't very good when it comes to styling hair. The packaging for me isn't all that as i find it a little busy and I'm not a fan of the shade of pink but let's face it that's just me being picky as to me it personally looks cheep.

 I have tried this after having my hair in hot rollers to add a little something as well as just for an everyday spray and go job and i must say it's done alright. For a product to add volume to my hair it really does put it to the test so i never expect anything dramatic and to be honest it wasn't like it gave me Cheryl Cole volume from just spraying it in. However it did add some volume which impressed me and it did hold it quite nicely throughout the day. I did find this to have quite a strong hair spray like hold which is great as it holds your hair style and the volume nicely in place, however i could also feel the product in my hair even after brushing so i have to wash my hair the next day. Due to this i find it good for a night out or if i want to have good hair on a specific day but sadly it's not a product i can use everyday as i hate the feel of product in my hair.

Considering the amount of hair i have and the results i have got from using this i can see it working rather well on shorter, less heavy hair and possibly giving more of the back combed effect than what i got. Overall i think it's great for the price and although it hasn't solved my flat hair problem it's a nice product for those special occasions.
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Review // LUSH May Day

Lush May Day £2.95

It's always a lovely day when you walk into Lush and there's a new product, and last weekend was one of those days and i immediately smelt this adorable little beauty. This little bath bomb has been made to help stop the badger cull by immunising badgers from TB, i personally don't know much about the cull or badgers but anything that can help stop the cute little critters being killed is good in my eyes. This is done by all the proceedings (minus VAT) that is raised from the sales of these little guys go straight to help do that.

It's such a simple yet lovable design that helps remind the good cause behind it and with them all piled up in the Lush shop they look incredibly cute. The smell however for me is the most amazing part as it smells absolutely divine! It contains fennel, bergamot and rosewood oil which combined give off this beautiful sweet, sherbet almost white chocolate like scent which has a calming and uplifting feeling. As I'm writing this i can still smell it as it has lingered (in a pleasant way) in my house and i can smell it on my skin, it is just gorgeous.

As it is a bath bomb once dropped in my bath is fizzed away quite quickly, it didn't change the water a great deal like some can it was just turned it slightly milky and as an added cute touch there was a little note floating which read "keep those badgers alive".  Even though it's not a bath melt which is what i normally swing toward, it has left my skin feeling soft and nourished.

I'm slightly sad to say that this is a limited edition bath bomb which i believe is only available through out May so if your like me and are won over then stock up on these little guys now and feel happy knowing your saving some badgers whilst indulging yourself. 

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Review // H&M BB Cream Brush

I've never really paid much attention to H&M's cosmetics range before, however the other month whilst in the que to buy something their brush range caught me eye and in particular this brush. Before i always used a beauty sponge to blend out my foundation and concealer and loved the finish it gave me, however i always wanted to try a angled kabuki brush...I've often lusted over the Sigma F84.  As this was far more in my price range being only £5.99 it was also right in front of me which means i got to try it the very next day hehe.

The brush doesn't look very high end as the handle is made of plastic and the casing looks a little cheep, so out of all the angled kabuki brushes out there it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing. Despite this the design is nice as it has a short handle and i find this makes it a lot easier to hold and work products into the skin. The bristles are extremely soft so feel lovely on the skin and keep their shape when cleaned, i also haven't had any fallout what so ever.

Even though it says BB cream i never had any intention on just using it for this so tested it out straight away with my foundation. I applied a pump of foundation to the back of my hand, lightly dabbed the brush in and buffed it into my skin. At first i thought it had absorbed a lot of foundation and couldn't really see much on the brush so had worries of it not really working, however when i started buffing it into my skin it applied the foundation evenly and not too heavy giving a flawless finish. It's strange as i use exactly the same amount of product as i do with my sponge however the brush seems to give a more medium/high coverage without it looking heavy or cakey. I also use this for my contouring and concealing which blends it out effortlessly and seamlessly.

Overall I'm extremely delighted with how this brush performs for the price and it has fast become my go to way to apply my foundation, especially when i want a flawless coverage. I think it's fair to say i shall be giving more of their range a try now.
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Haul // Little Boy's New Threads

H&M tiger hoodie £9.99
H&M Acid wash skinny jeans £12.99
 H&M blue tshirt £5.99
H&M cat tshirt £4.99
River Island quilted jumper £8 (sale)
River Island skull print shirt £8 (sale)
River Island black ribbed top £4 (sale)
River Island red top £4 (sale)
River Island navy stripe tshirt £4 (sale)

I think this is the first post I've done on clothes I've bought for Aiden but i just had to share these items as they're just so cute and I love the fact i can buy River Island stuff for him now hehe. Frustratingly i couldn't find links to all the items i bought but all the items from H&M wasn't in the sale so you should be able to find them in store and i would imagine they will be on their website soon. 

I picked up the skull shirt in a size bigger as i think it will look really nice un-buttoned over a t-shirt as a light weight jacket when it starts getting a little warmer. Even though all the items from River Island was in the sale (bonus) now that I've seen the quality and fit i will buy Aiden more from their. I love H&M jeans as they have an adjustable waist and are amazing quality, it also means i can get them in a longer leg and turn them up so they last his growth spurts longer haha. 
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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Review // L'Oreal True Match Foundation

L'Oreal true match foundation £9.99

Foundations are a product in make-up that i really like to try, as in i don't really stick to one i normally like to try different brands and types. I think there's something especially with foundation that draws us in so we'll buy several different brands even though we're getting it in the same shade haha. I actually picked this foundation up as i had a tan and my current foundation was too light so i thought i would give it a try. To my shock i instantly fell in love so much i bought another one in the shade lighter so i could wear this foundation with or without a tan. 

The packaging is simple and i just find it works for me, i like the bottle shape and unlike the American version it comes with a nice silver pump. The formula of the foundation is rather runny, which at first thoughts slightly concerned me as i thought it would be a little wishy washy and not have good coverage. However i find it has quite a medium coverage and in fact hides all my imperfections such as my rosacea with ease, i even find myself needing less concealer for my dark under eye circles and all this with just one pump. Even though it has great coverage it doesn't look cakey and has a slight dewy finish, which is what i prefer.

I have applied this foundation with a buffing brush, cosmetic sponge and it blends effortlessly with both, i have also mixed it with my moisturiser which works perfectly if you want a slightly lighter finish or if you have some troublesome dry skin areas. The formula is nice as it feels really lightweight and leaves my skin feeling soft, i also find it wears nicely on my skin and lasts really well throughout the day. 

 There are lots of shades to chose from (even though it's a drugstore foundation) so it is a lot easier to find a shade that matches you well, i have shade N1 Ivory and for when i have fake tan N2 Vanilla and they match me perfectly. Out of all the foundations I've tried i have to admit this by far is my favourite and it wouldn't surprise me if it turns into a holy grail product and one I'll repurchase over and over. 
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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fashion // Bag Obsession Wishlist

 1. Topshop clean pocket backpack £34
2. River Island tan scarf tote bag £45
3.Satchels & Shoes pink satchel £27.95
4. Pauls Boutique Natasha block patent mint green £65
5. River Island white scarf tote bag £45
6. River Island beige leopard print suitcase £65

I am currently lusting over bags so much lately i thought i would dedicate a whole post on just a few of them, i mean what girl doesn't lust over beautiful bags right? A lot of brands spring/summer collection are amazing, clearly so much so i had to include both of River Islands scarf tote bags as i can't decide between them. I think the Topshop backpack would look cute for days out with my little one, practical yet stylish and seem as i normally get lumbered with his cars one why not just have my own. The suite case i have mainly chosen for college, random yes but as I'm doing beauty therapy at times i carry a lot with me so why not look good whilst doing so! 

What bag is your favourite? 
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Sunday, 30 March 2014

NOTD // Essie All Tied Up

Essie all tied up £2.50

If you have read my Fragrance Direct haul you would have noticed i picked up my first Essie polish for a steal of just £2.50 instead of the £7.99 price tag these polishes usually have. For ages i have swooned over the vast pretty shades they have and have heard quite mixed reviews of lasting power which is one reason why i never bought one full price.

All tied up is a beautiful dusty rose shade that has very tiny gold shimmers which aren't overly noticeable which i really like. I found the formula great as i only needed two coats and if i was more careful when i applied it i could of got away with just one coat! It dries really fast, which for me is a massive bonus as i can be quite the impatient and have found it to last really well on my nails. I also really like the brush as it's quite wide so covers the nail well and makes for fast, easy application. 

I especially think this shade would look beautiful in the Autumn but because of the gold shimmers that catch beautifully in natural light i think it works well all year round. Overall I'm very pleased with this Essie polish and it has certainly lead me to wanting more from this brand, especially if it's at such a cheep price. 
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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Giveaway // 750 Followers!!!

Image taken from Google
A few weeks ago i hit 750 GFC followers, which is beyond amazing and took me completely by surprise. I could go on for hours being soppy and i know it probably comes across that I'm just saying it but my followers really mean the world to me and have helped me achieve so much and opened up amazing opportunities for me. It seems insane to me that 750 of you read my little blog that i started nearly 2 years ago now and actually like it haha, i never imagined it would of grown this much so thank you!

For this mile stone i want to give a £20 voucher for Debenhams to one lucky winner to spend on what ever they wish. I recently won a similar giveaway a few weeks ago and thought it was a great idea as you can use it for whatever you like, for example i used mine to purchase my first Dior lipstick. As i cover make-up and nails, as well as other bits and bobs i find this way it covers near enough all the different interest of my followers. 

* UK followers only (sorry)
* Must follow my blog as this is a giveaway for my followers as a thank you
* No fake entries, i do check so it will not work!
* I will contact the winner via email & post on my social media when competition is closed
* If winner doesn't respond within 24 hours of winning email i will chose another winner 
* Runs until the 9th of April 

Good luck!
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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Update // My Ombre Hair Care Routine

Seem as my previous ombre hair care routine is such a firm favourite in my most read posts i thought it would make sense to do an updated version of it as i have since tried and incorporated more products into what i use. I would just like to also quickly say i am not trained in hairdressing these are just products I've tried and find work for me and my hair.

Shampoo & Conditioner
I like to change what type of shampoo and conditioner i use according to what i feel like my hair needs so i choose between either an everyday, specially for blond hair or a purple set, this is why i have three and not just one set. On average i will wash my hair two maybe three times a week as washing your hair everyday isn't actually that good for your hair and not only that i have so much it's a right chore for me haha. I'm not going to teach you how to wash your hair as that's a little patronising but i do always shampoo my hair twice to ensure it's clean and when conditioning will only lightly condition the roots as to not weigh the hair down.

Toni & Guy shampoo and conditioner for blond hair £6.49 each:   I will at least use this set once a week as it's an everyday type of set that is designed especially for blond hair so it will help enhance the colour and tone of the blond part of your ombre. I find the shampoo really cleanses my hair and even though i have quite the mane i actually don't need a lot of product to get a nice lather and leave it feeling really clean and again the conditioner i don't need a tub of for it to leave my hair feeling nourished. I have used this duo for a year now and love it, i find it lasts well so although it's slightly pricey it lasts quite a while so it's certainly worth it. 

Bleach silver shampoo & conditioner £5 each:   This set is a purple shampoo which is designed even more to make the blond of your hair whiter and brighter so it helps keep the yellow blond tones away, which might sound a little odd but it basically makes blond hair look a lot nicer. On average I use this set once every two weeks or when i feel my hairs looking a little dull and yellowy to just perk it up and make it look nicer. Out of the purple shampoos I've tried i do like this set as it leaves my hair feeling quite nice, the only annoyance i have is i find i do have to use quite a bit and it doesn't lather up as much as i like.

LO'real Elvive nutri-gloss shine shampoo & conditioner £3.99 each:    Out of all the everyday sets that i have tried from lots of different brands i always swing back to this duo, although it's what i class as everyday it leaves my hair feeling fantastic. It smells amazing, lathers well and i don't need loads of product, i can't praise this set enough. 

Hair Masks
Due to bleaching the ends of your hair when you have it ombre'd it does damage your hair and can make it feel quite straw like and not look quite as healthy, because of this at least once a month i will use a hair mask to help it feel and look nourished and healthy. You can use a hair mask just like conditioner and just leave it on for a little longer however i like to do it as a nice pamper session so i will shampoo my hair twice, then apply my hair mask of choice quite generously concentrating on the ends, then tie up my hair and pop my shower cap on top just to help seal in the moisture and warmth and leave it on for about half an hour.

Macadamia deep repair mask from £10:    I love this mask as it smells like heaven haha. It's a very thick creamy intense conditioner that deeply nourishes the hair improving elasticity and shine so especially helps damaged hair. Although this mask is quite costly it's a good investment as after a few treatments it really improves the damaged hair and is really nice to use on a pamper session. 

Toni & Guy nourish deep conditioning mask blond £7.19:    This mask is designed like the shampoo and conditioner from this line to enhance the blond tone as well as deeply nourish. Unlike the Macadamia mask it isn't quite so thick in consistency but still nourishes the hair nicely, i use this mask more often around once every two weeks just as a pick me up for my hair.

LO'real Elvive nutri-gloss crystal 60 second saviour £4.99:    Although I've included this in my mask section i don't tend to use this quite like the other two although you can if you wanted. I will tend to use this when showering and leave it on whilst i do all the other bits us gals do in the shower and then rinse it out so i will typically have this on for about 10 minutes. Just like the shampoo and conditioner i can't praise this enough as it leaves my hair feeling amazingly soft and shiny.

No matter what you have done to your hair it's always important to use some products such as heat protectors but it is more important to use them on damaged hair so since having my hair ombre i have upped my game when it comes to products.

Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel £3:    Out of the heat protectors that I've tried this for me ticks all the boxes as it smells nice, leaves my hair soft and doesn't leave any residue in my hair. 

Macadamia healing oil spray from £10:    A fine non greasy oil that moisturises and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth and healthy looking. I really like to use this oil after blow drying as the bleached part of my hair can get a little frizzy after heat as it smooths the hair without adding weight or any residue as it absorbers quickly. 

Milk_Shake incredible milk from £10:    I need and shall do a full post just on this product as there's lots to discuss but on summary this is a almost watered down conditioner that has 12 benefits to help improve and promote healthy hair, to name some it detangles, repairs, softens and volumises. I apply this through damp hair before blow drying and it just helps my hair feel and look healthy and not to mention smell amazing. The only thing i find i have to watch about this product is too much can leave my hair a little lacklustre and i can feel a slight residue, it's almost like to much of a good thing does the opposite effect, however used right once a week really perks my hair up. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Review // Mond'sub Facial masks

I was very kindly sent these to try from the Dermaroller shop along with a derma roller which i shall review at a later stage after I've used it a few times to give a slightly more in depth review but i did want to do a review on these Mond'sub facial masks. They can be used separately or as a week treatment which is what i chose to do, so i done one mask each day for four days and this is what i thought.
Mond'sub ginseng+collagen facial mask $5*
" With the double action of Ginseng extract and Collagen, this mask can strengthen the skin barrier to make skin glossy and enhance elasticity to keep a vital skin. "

I found this mask very soothing and cooling on the skin whilst i had the mask on, once i took it off i didn't see a huge difference in my skin although it did look slightly less dull but it did make my skin feel nice and soft.
Mond'sub seaweed+hyaluronic acid facial mask $5*
" With the double effect of seaweed extract and Hyaluronic acid, this mask can help your skin with a super hydrating effect and help bring youthful looking skin." 

After reading the word acid i was slightly hesitant about the results this mask would have on my skin and i will admit it didn't feel quite as refreshing as the first mask whilst i had it on, however when removed i did see a noticeable difference to my skin. The rougher area around my nose and mouth seemed to not just feel but also looked smother and less noticeable.
Mond'sub tea tree+peptide facial mask $5*
"With the extract of tea tree and peptide, this mask can help nourish the skin, balance oil secretion and repair the problem skin to let you feel refreshed without any stickiness after using it."

Again with this mask i found it very refreshing and soothing on the skin, once i removed it i felt like it had helped reduce the pores around my nasal area so certainly helped my skin look a lot better and more clear.
Mond'sub aloe+EGF facial mask $5*
"With the extract of aloe vera and EGF, this mask can soothe and heal your skin with a royal relaxation feeling. Meanwhile it can also help protect your skin from external damage." 

Although this was a lovely mask to have on overall afterwards i didn't really see any benefits, although my skin did feel super smooth and i felt like it completed the mask treatment very nicely. This could be due more to the fact that this mask is designed to help protect your skin more in the long run than actually showing instant effects. 

 The masks are sheet face masks which means it's a thin cotton sheet which comes in a face shape so already has eye, mouth, nose holes and is soaked in which ever product you choose. Some masks like this i have found can be slightly dry however these where truly soaked in the product so whilst they where on my face my skin really got chance to soak up the product. I left each mask on for at least 20 minutes and found that after using all four in the four consecutive days to really work well and benefit from each other, towards the end i actually started to embrace my natural skin and opted for not wearing any foundation which is something i normally never leave the house without. 

The beauty of The Dermaroller shop is they have free delivery so you can buy these four masks for just $16 which works out to be round £10. Now that i have tried them i would happily use them again either separately as a little pick me up according to what i feel my skin needs and would certainly use them together as a treatment if i had a special occasion or in the summer so that my skin looks clear so i don't have to worry about wearing foundation in the lovely weather. 
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