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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review // MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer's

MUA Luxe velvet lip lacqure's £3

When MUA released these i was extreamly excited as i have drooled over the more expensive Lime Crime version of velvet lips and by the looks of it so was a lot of other ladies as they sold out quick. I will admit and say this is a well over due review as i have had these for quite some time, in fact since before Christmas so i am sorry but here are my thoughts none the less. 

Everything from the packaging to the shades are wonderful and when they where finally in stock in my local Superdrug i snapped them all up minus one shade. I was in love and as soon as i got home i instagramed them and swatched them....sadly this is where are in love relationship ended. When applied the formula is wet and does glide on quite well, the shade is very pigmented and then it dries to create a velvet finish, sounds good so far right? About half an hour later it started to crumble an flake off from the middle of my lips, which parts of stuck to my teeth and it tasted horrible...thank god i was still at home and had not yet left to go out so this embarrassment was just kept for my eyes only. 

In hope that maybe this was just a one off i tried with the other shades i had bought and sadly it was the same for them all. The moment moisture hits the product or you eat or drink it crumbles and rubs off which is so annoying. I feel to be able to wear this well you have to be really conscious about what your doing, which is something I don't really want to have to do and would be constantly paranoid about how it looks. The formula makes it extremely hard for me to wear which is such a shame as the shades are beautiful so sadly I'm not in love with these as much as what i wanted to be. Even though these are cheep i still feel like the formula should of been a bit better and i wish i didn't rush into buying so many and held out to buy the Lime Crime version. 
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Friday, 10 January 2014

Review // Neal & Wolf Elevate Volumising Lotion

Neal & Wolf Elevate £12.50

"Goodbye to drab, limp locks and hello to luxuriously thick hair, filled with body. Elevate has been designed to leave hair stronger, fuller and give more control.
Designed to improve body and texture while enhancing shine and manageability. Specially selected ingredients complete the effect, reducing static and adding a spectacular finish."

Having really long and not to mention ridiculously thick hair can be a pain for several reasons but one big one for me is flatness, especially at the top due to the sheer weight of my hair. I'm not one for back combing my hair everyday and the volumising powders that i have used leave a horrible feeling in my hair, so when Neal & Wolf kindly sent me their Elevate volumising lotion i was very keen to try it out. 

The packaging is very simple but there's something about Neal & Wolf products that just looks like a high end salon product which i love. The product it self is a very light creamy gel consistency that is rubbed into damp towel dried hair before blow drying, a round brush is recommended to get the most volume out of this but i find it works really well without doing this. A little bit goes a long way and even for the amount of hair that i have just a pea sized amount is plenty, so i can see this bottle lasting me a life time. To use i rub a little bit in my roots and then down through the rest of my hair,  i then blow dry my hair upside down to give my hair more body. Once my hair is dry i can't feel the product at all (unless I've used too much) and all that is left is glossy, soft, full bodied hair and the amazing smell. 

I have had this since before Christmas and it is now very well placed and used in my hair care routine, every time i wash my hair before i blow dry i make sure i pop a little of this through my hair. I have noticed a lot more lift at the top of my hair and the smell makes me feel pampered and like I've just had my hair done at a salon. Personally for me i think this is long haired gals best friend! 
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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lifestyle // My 14 Goals For 2014

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I've never really been one for setting New Years resolutions, especially the typical ones like go on a diet, stop smoking or join the gym. I'll be completely honest, one it's because there's nothing like that that i really want to set for myself and two i don't really have the motivation. I've seen a few of these 14 goals for 2014 posts and i actually really like this idea and thought it would be the perfect first post, so here's my goals for the new year.

1. Finish my ICS Make-up Artist course! I have put this first for a reason as i really need to knuckle down as I'm having to put in for an extension but i will finish it and i will pass it this year.

2. Do well in college. I wasn't exactly the best when it came to schooling and you could say my attendance was somewhat poor, however i decided toward the end of last year that 2014 was going to be my year for getting qualified and doing what i now have passion to do. 

3. Raise as much money as i can for Macmillan cancer support. Late last year my father started chemotherapy and Macmillan are truly a wonderful charity and are amazing people who have helped him a lot. I have raised money for them before but this year i really want to better that and do as much as i can.

4. Gain more confidence. I am a very shy person in "real life" and i have let this put me down a little bit so this year it would be nice to be more confident in myself and not put myself down.

5. Not let my anxiety rule me! I think I've kind of already done this by actually enrolling for college but for the last few years i have sat back and let it dictate to me a little bit about what i do, it's got to the stage because of that that I'm now really uncomfortable in large social situations. This isn't me and this year I'm going to take that part of me back, so i plan on saying a massive F you to my anxiety this year haha.

6. Cook more. I'm rather lucky in the sense that in my household my partner is the chef and he actually really enjoys cooking so i hardly ever have to cook. Although new years day i cooked him a two course meal and although i personally didn't think it was all that great my partner really enjoyed it and i do really like baking.

7. Be more organised. I think seem as I'm starting college, doing a home course, being a mum, running my blog and having a social life it's kind of a skill i need to acquire haha. 

8. Have more date nights. Having a little one it can be a little difficult but i think it would be nice to actually go and do something when we are lucky enough to have a baby sitter.

9. Spend more time with family. I'm usually a little rushed off my feet but i think it's important to spend time with the people you love and i certainly need to take out more time for my grandparents.

10. Be less of a stress head! I stress about everything and anything possible, luckily my loved ones know this and deal with it pretty darn well but it's not nice and is something i would like to try and change. 

11. Get a tattoo. Not something everyone would agree on but i really want another tattoo so I'm gonna pull my socks up draw up my final design and get it done!

12. Go to a gig. I used to go to lots of music gigs and I've hardly been to any since being a mum but i don't just mean music. I kind of already have this goal in the bag seem as i have tickets for Lee Evans for August but i would like to at least go to one music gig this year too.

13. Play around with make-up. I have been itching to do special effects make-up for god knows how long now so i will at least do one zombie look this year haha.

14. Laugh more. Since becoming a mum i have changed into quite this serious no nonsense kind of person and i kind of miss being able to just goof around and have a laugh so i think it's time i find my silly side again.

So there we have it my 14 goals, it's actually kind of hard to think of that many things haha. Have you set yourself any goals for this year? X 
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