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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lifestyle // My 14 Goals For 2014

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I've never really been one for setting New Years resolutions, especially the typical ones like go on a diet, stop smoking or join the gym. I'll be completely honest, one it's because there's nothing like that that i really want to set for myself and two i don't really have the motivation. I've seen a few of these 14 goals for 2014 posts and i actually really like this idea and thought it would be the perfect first post, so here's my goals for the new year.

1. Finish my ICS Make-up Artist course! I have put this first for a reason as i really need to knuckle down as I'm having to put in for an extension but i will finish it and i will pass it this year.

2. Do well in college. I wasn't exactly the best when it came to schooling and you could say my attendance was somewhat poor, however i decided toward the end of last year that 2014 was going to be my year for getting qualified and doing what i now have passion to do. 

3. Raise as much money as i can for Macmillan cancer support. Late last year my father started chemotherapy and Macmillan are truly a wonderful charity and are amazing people who have helped him a lot. I have raised money for them before but this year i really want to better that and do as much as i can.

4. Gain more confidence. I am a very shy person in "real life" and i have let this put me down a little bit so this year it would be nice to be more confident in myself and not put myself down.

5. Not let my anxiety rule me! I think I've kind of already done this by actually enrolling for college but for the last few years i have sat back and let it dictate to me a little bit about what i do, it's got to the stage because of that that I'm now really uncomfortable in large social situations. This isn't me and this year I'm going to take that part of me back, so i plan on saying a massive F you to my anxiety this year haha.

6. Cook more. I'm rather lucky in the sense that in my household my partner is the chef and he actually really enjoys cooking so i hardly ever have to cook. Although new years day i cooked him a two course meal and although i personally didn't think it was all that great my partner really enjoyed it and i do really like baking.

7. Be more organised. I think seem as I'm starting college, doing a home course, being a mum, running my blog and having a social life it's kind of a skill i need to acquire haha. 

8. Have more date nights. Having a little one it can be a little difficult but i think it would be nice to actually go and do something when we are lucky enough to have a baby sitter.

9. Spend more time with family. I'm usually a little rushed off my feet but i think it's important to spend time with the people you love and i certainly need to take out more time for my grandparents.

10. Be less of a stress head! I stress about everything and anything possible, luckily my loved ones know this and deal with it pretty darn well but it's not nice and is something i would like to try and change. 

11. Get a tattoo. Not something everyone would agree on but i really want another tattoo so I'm gonna pull my socks up draw up my final design and get it done!

12. Go to a gig. I used to go to lots of music gigs and I've hardly been to any since being a mum but i don't just mean music. I kind of already have this goal in the bag seem as i have tickets for Lee Evans for August but i would like to at least go to one music gig this year too.

13. Play around with make-up. I have been itching to do special effects make-up for god knows how long now so i will at least do one zombie look this year haha.

14. Laugh more. Since becoming a mum i have changed into quite this serious no nonsense kind of person and i kind of miss being able to just goof around and have a laugh so i think it's time i find my silly side again.

So there we have it my 14 goals, it's actually kind of hard to think of that many things haha. Have you set yourself any goals for this year? X 
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  1. Such great goals! Best of luck with them! :) I did a similar post, I was going to add in a tattoo goal too but to be honest I'll probably still wimp out of it! Maybe in 2015 ;)

    1. Get it when your ready, nothing worse than regretting something like that x

  2. These are really great goals hun!! Good luck with all of them! :)

    My partner is the cook in our house too....nice isnt it lol


    1. Thank you hun, haha it's great especially cause he always cooks me my favorites hehe x

  3. "Be less of a stress head" is definitely something I need to work on as well haha! Good luck with all of your goals!

    1. Thank you :), aw i'm awful and i get annoyed with myself when i'm doing it too haha x

  4. These are all great resolutions, good luck! Happy 2014!

  5. You have some great goals! I'd also like to cook more, and go to more gigs. Both are such fun things so I'm going to try my best! Good luck with these1


  6. great goals and resolutions!! Let me know if you would like to follow each other! xxx

  7. I too need to finish my ICS make-up artist course! Not got a lot of it done yet and had it four months!
    Good luck!

    Heather x

    1. Yay i'm not the only one haha, good luck too hun x

  8. These are some great goals! I wish you all the best with them. :)


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