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Friday, 10 January 2014

Review // Neal & Wolf Elevate Volumising Lotion

Neal & Wolf Elevate £12.50

"Goodbye to drab, limp locks and hello to luxuriously thick hair, filled with body. Elevate has been designed to leave hair stronger, fuller and give more control.
Designed to improve body and texture while enhancing shine and manageability. Specially selected ingredients complete the effect, reducing static and adding a spectacular finish."

Having really long and not to mention ridiculously thick hair can be a pain for several reasons but one big one for me is flatness, especially at the top due to the sheer weight of my hair. I'm not one for back combing my hair everyday and the volumising powders that i have used leave a horrible feeling in my hair, so when Neal & Wolf kindly sent me their Elevate volumising lotion i was very keen to try it out. 

The packaging is very simple but there's something about Neal & Wolf products that just looks like a high end salon product which i love. The product it self is a very light creamy gel consistency that is rubbed into damp towel dried hair before blow drying, a round brush is recommended to get the most volume out of this but i find it works really well without doing this. A little bit goes a long way and even for the amount of hair that i have just a pea sized amount is plenty, so i can see this bottle lasting me a life time. To use i rub a little bit in my roots and then down through the rest of my hair,  i then blow dry my hair upside down to give my hair more body. Once my hair is dry i can't feel the product at all (unless I've used too much) and all that is left is glossy, soft, full bodied hair and the amazing smell. 

I have had this since before Christmas and it is now very well placed and used in my hair care routine, every time i wash my hair before i blow dry i make sure i pop a little of this through my hair. I have noticed a lot more lift at the top of my hair and the smell makes me feel pampered and like I've just had my hair done at a salon. Personally for me i think this is long haired gals best friend! 
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  1. I haven't tried anything from the range but this review sounds lovely, I may take a look!

    1. I've tried a few things from this brand now and i personally really them, the smell is amazing! x

  2. I have really wavy hair but it often lies a little flat at the top so this sounds like a really good product to give my hair soon volume at the roots!

    1. That's what i use this for cause my hair goes really flat at the top, it's nice cause just used on its own without a round brush it gives natural looking volume x

  3. Looks like a really Good product!

  4. I've read a few rave reviews now, think I will have to try them. Hate to think I'm missing out haha.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. From what I've tried of this brand I've really liked and the smell is amazing x

  5. I received this product a while ago and absolutely love it. It smells amazing and adds list to my otherwise flat hair. A little goes a long way. I used too much a couple of times and it's just horrible.


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