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Monday, 17 February 2014

Haul // Fragrance Direct

 Hi lovelies, I'm sorry I've been rather slack with the blog lately but i have been insanely busy. Currently in college I'm covering manicure and pedicure's which has rekindled my love with polish and made me "need" more, thanks to one of my lovely friends also doing the course i found Fragrance Direct, a site i typically don't go on let alone to look at their nail polish...whoa was i wrong not too. I have always loved the look of O.P.I polishes but never liked the price tag as i always want more than just one so i couldn't believe it when i saw they had them at £3.99 each with loads of shades to choose from! 

From O.P.I I picked up shades steady as she rose, did you ear about van gogh, tickle my France, kreme de la kremlin, over the taupe, vampsterdam and elephantastic pink. I also picked up my first Essie polish in shade all tied up for just £2.50, a Revlon polish in sweet tart for 99p and the Sally Hansen french manicure kit for £1.75. Lastly i picked up the Ciate chalkboard manicure set as i have eyed this up since it was released and quite like my nail art for just £6.99. I literally can't believe the savings i made from this order and i shall certainly be making more and checking them out more often, have you checked out this site?

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Monday, 3 February 2014

January Favourites

Lush Gorgeous moisturiser £39.50 - I was lucky enough to pick this up in the boxing day sale so it's even more of a favourite for me seem as i got it at half price hehe. I haven't been using this every day as i think it would be a little to much for my skin but i do like to use it at night about three times a week and it's really helped kept my skin nice and soft. I personally really love the smell, it's very floral and soothing so leaves me feeling pampered when i use it. 
Biore Blemish fighting ice cleanser £4.99 - Sticking on skin care another product I've been using a lot through January has been this cleanser as through winter I've found my blemishes have been a million times worse. Again it's not a product i use everyday even though it says you can, i just like to use this once maybe twice a week or if my face is looking a little red before i apply my make-up in the morning. It has a really nice cooling refreshing feeling on the skin and i find it really helps control my blemishes/redness. 
Milk_Shake Incredible milk £12.99 - I was recommended this by my salon as they use milk_shake products and i wanted something at home to give my hair some extra loving. It's a leave in conditioner that has 12 great effects such as frizz control, heat protecting, prevents split ends, adds body and volume etc. I adore the smell of milk-shake products and have used it every time i have washed my hair since buying it. 
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday from £23 - I'm not going to lie i expected to detest this fragrance because lets face it the lady herself is a little nuts however i had the complete opposite reaction when i first smelt it. I'm not great at explaining scents but if your like me and you enjoy sweet smells and perfumes this is right up your street. I am like a woman possessed when i first spray this as i will constantly smell my wrists and will wear it even if I'm staying in just so i can smell it haha. 
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette £20 - I'm pretty sure i have included this in a favourites before but i have literally reached for this palette every time i done my make-up through January. It's such a pretty petite, easy to travel with has everything in it palette i think it has to be an essential for every gal. Even when i haven't done a smokey eye i have used the black as my everyday eye liner as it creates a much softer look, i like to highlight everything with the highlighting shade and i have even started using it to fill in my eye brows. 
Twinings Peppermint & nettle tea £1.49 - A bit of a random choice to include in my favourites i know but i have been drinking a lot more of this tea through January with it being so cold and miserable outside. I'm really not a hot drinker kind of person and i have cut out all caffeine from my diet for a while now so i don't drink a typical cup of tea, which is probably for the best as i used to have six sugars in it. I will admit i do have sugar in this to make it slightly more enjoyable to my taste but i can drink it without, what i enjoy the most is the nice warm feeling it gives (i suppose like most people get when drinking normal tea) on these wet and windy days and it's also getting me to drink a lot more water. 
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