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Monday, 17 February 2014

Haul // Fragrance Direct

 Hi lovelies, I'm sorry I've been rather slack with the blog lately but i have been insanely busy. Currently in college I'm covering manicure and pedicure's which has rekindled my love with polish and made me "need" more, thanks to one of my lovely friends also doing the course i found Fragrance Direct, a site i typically don't go on let alone to look at their nail polish...whoa was i wrong not too. I have always loved the look of O.P.I polishes but never liked the price tag as i always want more than just one so i couldn't believe it when i saw they had them at £3.99 each with loads of shades to choose from! 

From O.P.I I picked up shades steady as she rose, did you ear about van gogh, tickle my France, kreme de la kremlin, over the taupe, vampsterdam and elephantastic pink. I also picked up my first Essie polish in shade all tied up for just £2.50, a Revlon polish in sweet tart for 99p and the Sally Hansen french manicure kit for £1.75. Lastly i picked up the Ciate chalkboard manicure set as i have eyed this up since it was released and quite like my nail art for just £6.99. I literally can't believe the savings i made from this order and i shall certainly be making more and checking them out more often, have you checked out this site?

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  1. You did get some bargains, I have a few OPI polishes from there and they are brilliant x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Love all the shades here!

  3. That's such a bargain for OPI polishes! Great haul xx

    Jasmine Cara

  4. Really nice shades!!!


  5. I am an OPI addict! I couldn't believe it either when I saw their prices, it's amazing! They change a few of their shades regularly so keep a look out for newbies ;)
    x x

  6. The pink OPI is great! I must have this polish!

  7. I have heard of this website, but not yet purchased anything from it! i have vampestreda, and have owned elephantastic pink, theyre beautiful shades!

  8. Hi! I am a new blogger. You have got very cool ideas and you are amazing. I love your blog Check out my blog too ✰

  9. You got some gorgeous things! I placed an order on Fragrance and had to take advantage of the amazing Ciate bargains too xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. I did beauty thearpy 2 last year and i was able to get a sallys card and i can get o.p.i for £5 and China glaze for £4.50, u should defo get the card and u get brilliant discounts on all the stuff in the store x x

  11. LOVE this post! Im a New York blogger, I blog about NY style, Food, Passion for makeup and just running around my awesome city. Would love if you checked it out! Lets follow eachother!



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