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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lifestyle // Returning To School As An Adult

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Today i fancied more of a chatty kind of post and seem as this links in so well as to why I've been a bit of a bad blogger this year and hardly had the time to post i thought it would be a good topic. As a few of you may know in January i enrolled at my local collage and started doing level 2 Beauty Therapy in the evenings, meaning i am now a part time student! 

I like to be honest throughout all aspects of my blog so i will be very truthful and openly admit i was rubbish back in school, don't get me wrong i had the brains and if i applied them properly i could of "made something of myself" which is what everyone wanted but i preferred to quite simply not go to school at all. Something i now regret...a lot but hey ho that's life and back then i wasn't career driven i just knew that i wanted a family and i don't think that's something to be ashamed of. So as you can imagine returning to school especially far from being a teenager was quite a daunting thought for me and i think it is for a lot of  "older" people whether you did well or was fond of school or not. 

I assumed my class would be full of younger girls and i would find it really awkward and almost like the odd one out even though i was doing the evening classes and the whole thought of this made me almost want to back out cause in my head i made this whole thing like it was somehow shameful to be an adult student, which is stupid! Now that i have been going to college for 2 months i can safely say that what i assumed couldn't be further from what it's actually like, I'm in a class of ladies that range from 18 to 40's who are all focused in what they want to do and they are all really nice.  

Prior to going i would of said that i was unsure about being an adult student and the thought of being one and having to wear a uniform, attending class, meeting new people and having to revise and take exams as being really intimidating! I think the older you are the more this feeling is apparent as although it's not true you think the older you are somehow the sillier it is for you to go back to learning.  The fact is that certainly in my case it couldn't be further from the truth, i actually love going as it's now something that i want to do instead of feeling like i have to be there and learning about something i don't really want to do. Now that i have a goal in what i want in life and have the passion to do so it doesn't really feel like I'm "going to school" and it's actually very enjoyable. 

Sure a lot of this is more down to your confidence and worrying  about what other people think about you (which is a issue and post in itself haha) but i think one thing to keep in mind if like me you want to go back to school to learn a certain subject is that's what everyone else in that class wants too and therefore age kind of becomes irrelevant . 
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  1. Good for you for going back and doing something you enjoy! I'm glad you're enjoying it, i think its fair to say we all hated school haha! xx


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