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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Review // Mond'sub Facial masks

I was very kindly sent these to try from the Dermaroller shop along with a derma roller which i shall review at a later stage after I've used it a few times to give a slightly more in depth review but i did want to do a review on these Mond'sub facial masks. They can be used separately or as a week treatment which is what i chose to do, so i done one mask each day for four days and this is what i thought.
Mond'sub ginseng+collagen facial mask $5*
" With the double action of Ginseng extract and Collagen, this mask can strengthen the skin barrier to make skin glossy and enhance elasticity to keep a vital skin. "

I found this mask very soothing and cooling on the skin whilst i had the mask on, once i took it off i didn't see a huge difference in my skin although it did look slightly less dull but it did make my skin feel nice and soft.
Mond'sub seaweed+hyaluronic acid facial mask $5*
" With the double effect of seaweed extract and Hyaluronic acid, this mask can help your skin with a super hydrating effect and help bring youthful looking skin." 

After reading the word acid i was slightly hesitant about the results this mask would have on my skin and i will admit it didn't feel quite as refreshing as the first mask whilst i had it on, however when removed i did see a noticeable difference to my skin. The rougher area around my nose and mouth seemed to not just feel but also looked smother and less noticeable.
Mond'sub tea tree+peptide facial mask $5*
"With the extract of tea tree and peptide, this mask can help nourish the skin, balance oil secretion and repair the problem skin to let you feel refreshed without any stickiness after using it."

Again with this mask i found it very refreshing and soothing on the skin, once i removed it i felt like it had helped reduce the pores around my nasal area so certainly helped my skin look a lot better and more clear.
Mond'sub aloe+EGF facial mask $5*
"With the extract of aloe vera and EGF, this mask can soothe and heal your skin with a royal relaxation feeling. Meanwhile it can also help protect your skin from external damage." 

Although this was a lovely mask to have on overall afterwards i didn't really see any benefits, although my skin did feel super smooth and i felt like it completed the mask treatment very nicely. This could be due more to the fact that this mask is designed to help protect your skin more in the long run than actually showing instant effects. 

 The masks are sheet face masks which means it's a thin cotton sheet which comes in a face shape so already has eye, mouth, nose holes and is soaked in which ever product you choose. Some masks like this i have found can be slightly dry however these where truly soaked in the product so whilst they where on my face my skin really got chance to soak up the product. I left each mask on for at least 20 minutes and found that after using all four in the four consecutive days to really work well and benefit from each other, towards the end i actually started to embrace my natural skin and opted for not wearing any foundation which is something i normally never leave the house without. 

The beauty of The Dermaroller shop is they have free delivery so you can buy these four masks for just $16 which works out to be round £10. Now that i have tried them i would happily use them again either separately as a little pick me up according to what i feel my skin needs and would certainly use them together as a treatment if i had a special occasion or in the summer so that my skin looks clear so i don't have to worry about wearing foundation in the lovely weather. 
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  2. I've never heard of these but they sound great! I don't think you can really beat a good face mask it's crazy how much good they do your skin

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