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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Update // My Ombre Hair Care Routine

Seem as my previous ombre hair care routine is such a firm favourite in my most read posts i thought it would make sense to do an updated version of it as i have since tried and incorporated more products into what i use. I would just like to also quickly say i am not trained in hairdressing these are just products I've tried and find work for me and my hair.

Shampoo & Conditioner
I like to change what type of shampoo and conditioner i use according to what i feel like my hair needs so i choose between either an everyday, specially for blond hair or a purple set, this is why i have three and not just one set. On average i will wash my hair two maybe three times a week as washing your hair everyday isn't actually that good for your hair and not only that i have so much it's a right chore for me haha. I'm not going to teach you how to wash your hair as that's a little patronising but i do always shampoo my hair twice to ensure it's clean and when conditioning will only lightly condition the roots as to not weigh the hair down.

Toni & Guy shampoo and conditioner for blond hair £6.49 each:   I will at least use this set once a week as it's an everyday type of set that is designed especially for blond hair so it will help enhance the colour and tone of the blond part of your ombre. I find the shampoo really cleanses my hair and even though i have quite the mane i actually don't need a lot of product to get a nice lather and leave it feeling really clean and again the conditioner i don't need a tub of for it to leave my hair feeling nourished. I have used this duo for a year now and love it, i find it lasts well so although it's slightly pricey it lasts quite a while so it's certainly worth it. 

Bleach silver shampoo & conditioner £5 each:   This set is a purple shampoo which is designed even more to make the blond of your hair whiter and brighter so it helps keep the yellow blond tones away, which might sound a little odd but it basically makes blond hair look a lot nicer. On average I use this set once every two weeks or when i feel my hairs looking a little dull and yellowy to just perk it up and make it look nicer. Out of the purple shampoos I've tried i do like this set as it leaves my hair feeling quite nice, the only annoyance i have is i find i do have to use quite a bit and it doesn't lather up as much as i like.

LO'real Elvive nutri-gloss shine shampoo & conditioner £3.99 each:    Out of all the everyday sets that i have tried from lots of different brands i always swing back to this duo, although it's what i class as everyday it leaves my hair feeling fantastic. It smells amazing, lathers well and i don't need loads of product, i can't praise this set enough. 

Hair Masks
Due to bleaching the ends of your hair when you have it ombre'd it does damage your hair and can make it feel quite straw like and not look quite as healthy, because of this at least once a month i will use a hair mask to help it feel and look nourished and healthy. You can use a hair mask just like conditioner and just leave it on for a little longer however i like to do it as a nice pamper session so i will shampoo my hair twice, then apply my hair mask of choice quite generously concentrating on the ends, then tie up my hair and pop my shower cap on top just to help seal in the moisture and warmth and leave it on for about half an hour.

Macadamia deep repair mask from £10:    I love this mask as it smells like heaven haha. It's a very thick creamy intense conditioner that deeply nourishes the hair improving elasticity and shine so especially helps damaged hair. Although this mask is quite costly it's a good investment as after a few treatments it really improves the damaged hair and is really nice to use on a pamper session. 

Toni & Guy nourish deep conditioning mask blond £7.19:    This mask is designed like the shampoo and conditioner from this line to enhance the blond tone as well as deeply nourish. Unlike the Macadamia mask it isn't quite so thick in consistency but still nourishes the hair nicely, i use this mask more often around once every two weeks just as a pick me up for my hair.

LO'real Elvive nutri-gloss crystal 60 second saviour £4.99:    Although I've included this in my mask section i don't tend to use this quite like the other two although you can if you wanted. I will tend to use this when showering and leave it on whilst i do all the other bits us gals do in the shower and then rinse it out so i will typically have this on for about 10 minutes. Just like the shampoo and conditioner i can't praise this enough as it leaves my hair feeling amazingly soft and shiny.

No matter what you have done to your hair it's always important to use some products such as heat protectors but it is more important to use them on damaged hair so since having my hair ombre i have upped my game when it comes to products.

Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel £3:    Out of the heat protectors that I've tried this for me ticks all the boxes as it smells nice, leaves my hair soft and doesn't leave any residue in my hair. 

Macadamia healing oil spray from £10:    A fine non greasy oil that moisturises and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth and healthy looking. I really like to use this oil after blow drying as the bleached part of my hair can get a little frizzy after heat as it smooths the hair without adding weight or any residue as it absorbers quickly. 

Milk_Shake incredible milk from £10:    I need and shall do a full post just on this product as there's lots to discuss but on summary this is a almost watered down conditioner that has 12 benefits to help improve and promote healthy hair, to name some it detangles, repairs, softens and volumises. I apply this through damp hair before blow drying and it just helps my hair feel and look healthy and not to mention smell amazing. The only thing i find i have to watch about this product is too much can leave my hair a little lacklustre and i can feel a slight residue, it's almost like to much of a good thing does the opposite effect, however used right once a week really perks my hair up. 


  1. I need to update my current hair routine!

  2. The Macadamia Oil Healing Treatment is one of my favourite hair products to use! It smells sooooo good, and leaves my hair looking and feeling so healthy and soft xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie


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