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Monday, 5 May 2014

Review // H&M BB Cream Brush

I've never really paid much attention to H&M's cosmetics range before, however the other month whilst in the que to buy something their brush range caught me eye and in particular this brush. Before i always used a beauty sponge to blend out my foundation and concealer and loved the finish it gave me, however i always wanted to try a angled kabuki brush...I've often lusted over the Sigma F84.  As this was far more in my price range being only £5.99 it was also right in front of me which means i got to try it the very next day hehe.

The brush doesn't look very high end as the handle is made of plastic and the casing looks a little cheep, so out of all the angled kabuki brushes out there it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing. Despite this the design is nice as it has a short handle and i find this makes it a lot easier to hold and work products into the skin. The bristles are extremely soft so feel lovely on the skin and keep their shape when cleaned, i also haven't had any fallout what so ever.

Even though it says BB cream i never had any intention on just using it for this so tested it out straight away with my foundation. I applied a pump of foundation to the back of my hand, lightly dabbed the brush in and buffed it into my skin. At first i thought it had absorbed a lot of foundation and couldn't really see much on the brush so had worries of it not really working, however when i started buffing it into my skin it applied the foundation evenly and not too heavy giving a flawless finish. It's strange as i use exactly the same amount of product as i do with my sponge however the brush seems to give a more medium/high coverage without it looking heavy or cakey. I also use this for my contouring and concealing which blends it out effortlessly and seamlessly.

Overall I'm extremely delighted with how this brush performs for the price and it has fast become my go to way to apply my foundation, especially when i want a flawless coverage. I think it's fair to say i shall be giving more of their range a try now.
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  1. This looks fab, I need to get my hands on one!

  2. I'm currently looking for something like this. Thanks to you I think I've found it. Will pop into H&M next week. Thank you!



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