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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Review // Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray

Charles Worthington volume & bounce texturising spray £6.99

Having incredibly thick, long heavy hair i am a sucker for any hair product that claims that it will add volume as it's some what lacking at the roots due to the sheer weight of my hair. After seeing this from Fleur DeForce's drugstore dupe video claiming to be the dupe for the Oribe texturising spray (which has quite an impressive price tag) i went into my local Boots the very next day to get one and try it for myself.

This product is designed to be dry and non greasy that is sprayed into dry hair to add height, volume and texture to get an instant back combed effect without the effort or damaging your hair.  Sounds brilliant in theory especially to me who isn't very good when it comes to styling hair. The packaging for me isn't all that as i find it a little busy and I'm not a fan of the shade of pink but let's face it that's just me being picky as to me it personally looks cheep.

 I have tried this after having my hair in hot rollers to add a little something as well as just for an everyday spray and go job and i must say it's done alright. For a product to add volume to my hair it really does put it to the test so i never expect anything dramatic and to be honest it wasn't like it gave me Cheryl Cole volume from just spraying it in. However it did add some volume which impressed me and it did hold it quite nicely throughout the day. I did find this to have quite a strong hair spray like hold which is great as it holds your hair style and the volume nicely in place, however i could also feel the product in my hair even after brushing so i have to wash my hair the next day. Due to this i find it good for a night out or if i want to have good hair on a specific day but sadly it's not a product i can use everyday as i hate the feel of product in my hair.

Considering the amount of hair i have and the results i have got from using this i can see it working rather well on shorter, less heavy hair and possibly giving more of the back combed effect than what i got. Overall i think it's great for the price and although it hasn't solved my flat hair problem it's a nice product for those special occasions.
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