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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Review // LUSH Movis Face Soap

Lush Movis face soap £4.50 100g
Without a doubt this has to be the oddest Lush creation I've tried and i will be completely honest something i completely overlooked until a sample was kindly given to me to try from my local Lush. It's odd brown rectangle slab form covered in brown crumbs is not something i even glanced at long enough to actually engage in what it was for, because it wasn't that pretty i completely turned a blind eye and shame on me!
It turns out Movis is a gentle face soap that contains hop & wheatgerm oil, cocoa butter and wholemeal bread. This was made by one of the Lush founders oddly enough called Mo who joined her love of baking with soap making and there Movis was born, an ingenious name for a bread soap in my opinion. Now if your like me your probably thinking that bread is surely an extremely alien ingredient to put in a soap but it actually works as a very gentle exfoliator, who knew? It has a very unique scent which is quite hard to describe, it's kind of like a sweet bread... which may sound like it wouldn't be nice but I'm actually really attracted to it. It's certainly one to sniff next time your in a Lush just to see for yourself. 
The soap itself is rather squidgy unlike normal soaps, which you can either brake small pieces off or rub to lather in your hands like normal soap, i personally choose the latter. Although it doesn't lather up loads like your average soap bar it's just enough to cleanse your face and really feel it working, even the lather feels soft and delicate. Since I've been given this i have used it morning and night and i have to say it really has worked wonders on my skin. Before this i have never used a soap on my face as i find it too harsh and leaves my skin feeling rather horrible and dry, this however leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth and not to mention clean. 
This odd little soap has fast took the spot of my cleansing milk as aside from the amazing benefits it has on my skin it's fast and easy to use. I've got to admit I'm gutted i overlooked this product for so long as i now quite simply adore it in every way and it now certainly holds a spot on my bathroom sink!
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  1. Oh wow, this looks so interesting! I really must try as it sounds so intriguing!

    Peach Pow XO

  2. Very interesting! It almost looks like a granola bar -- lol! Looks very nice.. I'll have to ask for a sample of this next time I'm at Lush.

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  3. Glad that you love 'Movis' it's certinaly a very amazing product getting lots if lush love here in Plymouth. X


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