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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Review // Sienna X Spray Tan Course

 Firstly i will say this review is based on the training experience i received through it being organised with a college, it might be different when buying direct from Sienna X.Sienna X is the market leading professional sunless tanning brand and is highly used throughout salons and at home. Although I'm learning tan application in my course at college i wanted to be Sienna X trained and certificated therapist as they are such a respected brand in the beauty industry and it is always good to be trained in the brand that your harm in adding more qualifications to your CV. 

The course itself is done in just a day usually from 9-4 and as you can imagine is structured and broke down so in that time you learn all aspects in how to apply a perfect spray tan. Before the actual course day you need to take an online test which gives you the basic knowledge of Sienna X's history, their products, basic skin anatomy and choosing what's best for the client. This may sound a little daunting but it's broke down and explained very well and the small tests are multiple choice. You also need to prepare your skin to be tanned so shave and exfoliate prior to the day of your course as to learn you spray tan each other, because of this you are also given a skin test to make sure you don't have a reaction to the product. On the day all you need to bring with you is some loose dark clothing that you can wear after the spray tan.

The start of the day is spent recapping in a bit more detail about the history of Sienna X and the products that they offer, they also explain about the equipment such as the spray gun itself and how to set it up and clean it. Part of this section is also how to set up the spray tent and put it down, for this the trainer needs to see each person do this so you will get an opportunity to do it yourself. After this you then go through a manual which is given to you at the start along with a goody bag which has a pictorial on the steps of a spray tan, this is first talked through so you have a slight understanding before the Sienna X therapist will do a demo. Once the demo is done you then practise on each other with the spray gun using water, this gives you chance to practise and get used to the speed and distance you need to spray and get used to the gun and steps taken to spray tan. You then do exactly the same but with the actual tan product instead of water whilst the therapist watches you and that's it you're a Sienna X spray tan therapist.

I was personally rather nervous on the day but the Sienna therapist we had teaching us was really lovely and quickly put me at ease, she was very friendly and professional. Even though you do learn a lot through the day, the way it's broke up and taught it's quite easy to take in and remember so it's not like you come away from the course feeling really confused. The only thing i will say is it's all about practise, once you've been taught it's quite easy to remember (and you have the pictorial to help) it's just doing it again a few times to really get the method. 

Overall i was really happy with the tuition i received and felt confident at the end that i was aware of what products to use for different clients and how to achieve a good spray tan. You can also get support after from the Sienna team so if there is something you are unsure about when you come home you can give them a call. I received my certificate a week after i had completed the course and i have to say it's very pretty and looks lovely displayed for your clients to see haha. It is quite pricey but i truly think it's worth it and can see why it's favoured in salons and has won awards. 
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  1. The little tents remind me of my washing basket lol... It does sound like you had a good time xx
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I've always wanted to take a spray tan course, this one sounds really good. xx



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