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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Review // Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser

Lush Million dollar moisturiser - £32.50
A little while ago i was very lucky to be invited to my local Lush for a blog event, as a massive self confessed Lushy i jumped at the chance and was very smitten when we was offered a product to try form their new sun care range. Personally for me the product that stood out was the million dollar moisturiser as it smelt so damn good and i always avoid using sun cream on my face as they all leave a horrible greasy feel. 
Where to begin on this marvellous little tub, can you tell yet that this is going to be a positive review hehe. This rich creamy moisturiser is packed with evening prim rose oil, honey, shea butter, sesame, lavender and jojoba oil to name a few, which combined helps keep the skin soft smooth and protected with a SPF factor of 30. With all these lovely natural ingredients it has a wonderful unique sweet aroma and they have also added some of their feeling younger skin tint to give a lovely healthy glow. Even though it has quite a thick rich consistency it is absorbed quite quickly and doesn't lay heavy or greasy on the skin although i do
find it has a slight tacky feel but compared to other sun creams i have used it's a far better feel and is far more comfortable to wear. Through out the summer i used this mainly on it's own as i had a tan and with the feeling younger skin tint in this it made my skin look healthy and glowing. I also tried this under make-up and found it worked quite well as long as i applied a light amount and left it to absorb before applying foundation. 
I really put this to the test over the weeks of lovely hot weather we recently had in the UK and i would personally say it certainly works as i had no redness in the slightest and didn't even worry about sunburn. I love that it's so convenient to use as whether I'm wearing make-up or not i always use moisturiser and the fact that this contains my sun screen and a high factor one at that it's great to know I'm always protected. Even though this is thought more of a summer beauty product there are harmful UV rays through all seasons so it is always important to protect yourself and for me i especially want to do what i can to help reduce ageing so it can be used throughout the year.
It is slightly on the pricey end but i really think it's worth it and like most Lush products a little goes a long way so it certainly lasts. Did you use anything from Lush's new sun care range this summer? 
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