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Monday, 26 October 2015

Lifestyle // Honest advice to my past pregnant self

Image from Google

Now that my son is a few weeks away from turning five I've become somewhat reflective over these last years and what i should of known back when i was pregnant. Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing and i know this all now for future reference but it would of been good to know this when it was slightly more relevant, so i thought i would create a fun kind of letter to my past self ha. 

Dear "younger" Becky, one important thing you need to know in this pregnancy, low iron levels will actually mean something whilst your pregnant! It will mean that you will feel constantly faint and also in one instance pass out, luckily baby will be fine however you do face plant a kitchen counter and knock yourself out on the way down. Iron tablets don't do your stomach any good but that doesn't mean give up, instead actually eat a decent breakfast and eat more broccoli, spinach etc. it might save you the embarrassing feeling faint in public places and having to lay on the floor. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Review // tarte tartelette eyeshadow palette

A palette full of matte eyeshadows...a dream come true in my eyes! Earlier this year i bought the Tartelette palette and i have hardly put it down since as it is truly wonderful, the shades, the quality, literally all of it is magical. I think it's fair to say you can tell that this is going to be a positive review.


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Haul // Lush Christmas & Halloween Products

If you have read my previous post on the Lush Christmas blog event i was kindly invited too the other week you would have seen the vast amount of new and amazing Christmas & Halloween products. So here is my current haul from this collection, some which was very kindly gifted to me from the event and others that i bought on that night cause of course i needed more....and i still need more ha. 


Saturday, 10 October 2015

Life // Lush Christmas & Halloween Blog Event

 I know i know don't shoot me I've mentioned Christmas before it's even been Halloween, however it is for a fantastic reason as last Friday Lush launched this years Christmas and Halloween products *yaaaaay*. All Lush fans know that Christmas at Lush is a very delightful treat and we all wait in suspense to see if our favourites from last year will return and what new goodies they will bring, so when i was invited to a blog event to hear about all these lovely products i was very excited! I apologise if i don't go into much detail about each item but there are so many new products in this launch it's literally ridiculous but i do want to share them all so sorry if i sound a little like a Lush catalog.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Video // Halloween Gas Mask Horror - Burn Victim Makeup Tutorial

Personally i find gas masks terrifying and eire so of course i had to put one on and create my next halloween look. As soon as i saw this gas mask in my local fancy dress shop this image popped into my head of some sort of burned horror underneath. This look is easy to replicate if you can get hold of the products and although i made my burn prosthetic, similar ones can be bought. I really hope you like this look and if you do please like the video and subscribe it really does make a difference. 
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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blog Sale

I have finally decided it is time to let go of makeup i just simply do not use so please note the majority of these items have only been used a handful of times and a lot only being swatched. Please read the rules of sale before commenting as i don't want time wasters who haven't. 

- All items are 100% genuine! 
- Postage will be £4, i am keeping it as this as i will be getting proof of postage and items will be sent securely, mutable items bought may increase in postage depending on weight. Shall send orders at the  end of the week and sorry but UK only.
-  First come, first serve basis, so if you would like anything please tell me what and your paypal email in a comment or DM me on twitter.
- Please pay within 24 hours via paypal after i send you an invoice as items will not be held back and all sales are final. 
 MAC costa chic - £6
Gerard Cosmetics tequila sunrise & kimchi doll - £5 each
Estee Lauder pure colour envy powerful - £13
Estee Lauder pink parfait - £7
Dior rouge dior rose crinoline - £13

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Review // Lush Cup O'Coffe Face Mask

Lush Cup O'Coffee - £6.50
If you have read my Lush blog event post than you would already know that a few weeks ago i was kindly invited to my local Lush to learn all about the new products in store and we was very kindly given some of the products to take home and try for ourselves. 

Cup o'coffe is Lush's newest self preserving exfoliating face mask and as you can figure by the tittle it has a whole lot coffee in it, cause not only is coffee a delight to drink it also has brilliant effects on the skin...who knew. So lets get into the gritty details, as well as a whole lot of coffee it also contains cocoa, vanilla absolute and coriander & vetivert oil, all these ingredients combined gives a wonderful aroma and really brightens the skin leaving it soft and smooth. Why this mask is so amazing, firstly it is self preserving which means unlike Lush's other fresh face masks it keeps itself fresh for a far longer time without containing any nasty chemicals to do so and secondly the exfoliant ingredient is ground coffee beans which means it's entirely natural so once it's washed away it doesn't harm the environment like those plastic beads you find in others.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Video // Halloween Las Vegas Showgirl & Zombie

SFX makeup has been a huge passion and something that i have been saying that I'm going to get into for years now so i am extremely excited to bring you my first ever full SFX look and video! This is my idea of a Las Vegas show girl in her full glam style and then her after the zombie apocalypse. It wasn't on of my first list of ideas that I'm currently doing however when i saw the head piece in my local fancy dress shop i instantly fell in love with it and then the look kind of went from there.

I have lots of looks in the pipe line that i especially would like to get up prior to Halloween so if your interested in horror makeup then please like this video and subscribe to my channel as it will really mean a lot. Again i hope you enjoy and thank you so much for watching x
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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Small Talk Sunday // Instagram & Social Media "Glamour"

It's been a little while since I've done a small talk Sunday and this one closely follows suite in the theme of the others in being judged and having confidence, however this is a subject i want to touch on as over there last few weeks it has been bothering me a little more than usual. Photo's and image has become such a massive and important thing to our and the younger generation that it's scary, like seriously. I want to use Instagram as a main social media focus in this because i think it's the most used to portray the "perfect" image and daily i see hundreds of beautiful photo's and girls saying comments such as they wish they could do that, wish they looked like that, or hateful comments on the appearance because it isn't done "right" or they look ugly. 

Why are we currently promoting this kind of "glamour" where makeup looks are photoshopped to an inch of their life, where it is impossible to ever naturally look that good and calling it the most beautiful. Through this constantly surrounding us and being drilled into younger generations they now feel ugly because they can see their pores and their skin isn't immaculately smooth or their lips aren't big and plump. It's almost like makeup has become a weapon and if you don't do it the "right" way your ugly, which is far from the truth and extremely sad. Also linked with this is how many likes or follows it can get and if you don't have enough it's not beautiful and like you should feel some sort of shame in that and again that isn't what makeup is about.

Sure i will take a handful of selfies to find the right one, that level of vanity i think is just human nature to want to look good and i will slightly edit some by adjusting lights and shadows, I'm not going to lie and say every single image i post is raw. However when you delve into the realms of smoothing out skin and distorting it from all reality that's not good and not promoting a healthy image to others around us. I feel like social media glamour has completely taken over what it means to be beautiful and we need to change that before we have a lot more confidence and self esteem issues around. 

If all bloggers and youtubers took this stance, didn't edit as much and openly said this isn't right than i think that would be a start, it's ok to be exactly how you are and wear makeup however the hell you want cause there is no right or wrong. And yes edited and photoshopped images are beautiful and can be appreciated however not used on every single selfie where it comes across like that's how you naturally look and be open and truthful that you have edited the photo so people know. Promoting an image that is unachievable isn't cool! 
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Life // Lush New Products Blog Event

Last friday i was kindly invited to my local Lush for a blog event to showcase all their lovely new products, of course i jumped at the chance and was very excited especially seem as they closed the shop especially for us. When arriving we was greeted with drinks chilling on ice and adorable little lush cups with our names on and after a little while of mingling and browsing the shop the lovely staff started demoing some of the new products for us, from toes to head.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Haul // A Few New Lush Picks

I am and have always been a massive Lush fan so when i popped into my local Lush to grab a cheeky bath bomb and discovered there was a ton of new products i was like a kid in a sweet shop *insert massive cheesy smile*. I could have easily spent a lot of money grabbing every new item in sight however i managed to restrain myself and leave the shop with these new treats. 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Video // Quick & Easy Ombre Lips Tutorial

One trend that i love is ombre lips and i think it looks killer in pretty much every single shade. I wanted to share this super quick and easy ombre technique as it doesn't cost the earth or mean that you need every lipstick and lip liner shade imaginable, all you need is some white face paint and your finger. It is so unbelievably simple and easy anyone can do it and it transforms all the lipsticks you already own. My personal go to ombre shade at the moment has to be a 90's nude,  i'm literally obsessed x
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Video // All about my pink hair

If you've been around here and have followed me for a while you may of noticed there's something a little bit different about my appearance haha. A few weeks ago i bleached and dyed my hair at home, sadly i couldn't film the whole process over the five days it took however i have filmed this video explaining what i done and the products i used. If you are thinking about having brightly coloured hair then i hope this is informative and helps you but if you do have any questions then please feel free to leave me a comment x 
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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Review // Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

 Soon to hit the UK stores the new Urban Decay naked smokey palette is sure to have a lot of naked beauty fans going crazy. This is the first naked palette i think i have joined the excitement about and bought on the first realise and i have to say it's pretty damn special, from the packaging right down to every single shade. I have seen a few fans not thinking it's very special or really see it as a smokey palette as they was expecting different shade choices however i think this is the must own palette out of the naked range.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Video // Romwe haul & First Impression

A little while ago i done my first ROMWE order and done a video of the items i bought and my first impression. Considering ROMWE is not a UK brand i was very impressed with the shipping time as it took a little over a week and the pricing is brilliant especially as there's always discount code. I really like ROMWE as i see it as a better option to Primark as not everyone shops from there so you can get really nice unique outfits for roughly the same price. My only downfall was not paying complete attention to the material used in some items and the dimensions which is why i was slightly disappointed with this order, however i think with this in mind i will defiantly order from them again.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Fashion // Grey haze

Topshop cardigan - £55
New Look boho ring set - £12.99
Topshop lace bra - £16
Miss Selfridge floppy hat - £30
Mango t-shirt - £14.99
Dorathey Perkins oversized tote bag - £28
New Look disco jeans - £24.99
Miss Selfridge heel boot - £45

I am in love with each piece of this outfit and think it would look killer on, I'm all for the casual yet done up rocker vibe. I have recently discovered a site called MixMatchMe where you can browse and shop thousands of items from lots of different retailers, you can also save items into your virtual wardrobe so it's perfect for window shopping. You can follow my profile and see these picks along with many others here
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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Small talk sunday // Judged for your makeup

So this is quite an impulsive small talk Sunday and you might already kind of know why if you follow me on Instagram, it's xbeckawoox if you don't already *wink*. Today i decided to wear some new velvet lipsticks i picked up last week in a very deep purple and ombre it with a lighter purple in the centre of my lips, not your bog standard run of the mill lip look but i was feeling it and i'm trying to be more colourful. I digged it, my husband vowed to be on lippy watch so i was good to go for our little family outing. 

Whilst going to several places i was rather taken back by the amount of filthy looks i received from a variety of different aged woman and i think that is shameful. I understand that everyone has their own makeup preference and style and i think that's the most amazing thing about makeup, there's no rules, no regulations you can literally do whatever you please. As long as you love it and feel good who is it for anyone else to care enough to actually want to make it apparent in their facial expression. Sure there's looks i have seen that isn't my cup of tea but who am i to express my dislike to the person and make them feel bad for looking how they want...i mean it's not like it's on my face and i have to wear it. 

I see makeup as a form of art, creativity and passion and i think to a lot of people that's somewhat lost and it has to be a certain way with some sort of uniform look. I love that brands are bringing out more unusual shades and colours so that those who want too can look different and show their personality more. At the end of the day make up has no rules and it just washes off so it really makes no difference, please don't judge someone else if it isn't your style and if you want to wear it then go ahead with your head held high. 

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Monday, 22 June 2015

Video // Frends Beauty Unboxing & First impression

SFX makeup is something that i have always been fascinated with and wanted to try my hand at for a long time, so when i finally placed an order for some products I've been drooling over for god knows how long it's fair to say there was massive excitement! Unfortunately SFX products can be rather expensive in England which lead me to look elsewhere and i come across Frends Beauty who are a American professional beauty supplier. When my order arrived this morning i thought i would take the opportunity to do an unboxing and first thoughts video, so i hope you enjoy and if you could take the time to like and subscribe to my channel i would very much appreciate it. Also if you have any SFX looks..or any looks in general that you would like to see please leave them in the comments and i shall see what i can do!

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Small Talk Sunday // Confidence In Being Yourself

I've always envied those who don't care about the world enough to be entirely who they want to be and i think there's something incredibly sad about that statement. Up until a certain age i never give a second thought about what other people thought, i guess that's what childhood and being a young teen used to be like for a lot of us, sadly image is something thought about far to young nower days. I wore flared jeans, etnie trainers, hoodies, hands full of rings and barley any makeup, sure i may cringe at old photo's of myself but at least i owned it and knew who i was.

I think becoming an adult, a parent, having responsibilities and becoming more aware of what people may think of you makes you suppress certain parts of who you are and makes you loose yourself in a way. Of course i could be talking utter bollocks and this could just be my own life experience ha. Although i have changed from the happy care free skater teen i used to be and my priorities and the way i look at life has changed there are certain things i want to embrace back and have the sod it this is me attitude. 

In the past three years i have started to find myself again and blocked out the negative vibes that's around me, for example starting this blog and not caring about those who think it's ridiculous. With time going on I'm definitely starting to take on the this is me like it or leave it attitude. Since the start of this year I've "allowed" my inner geek to come out and spent more time on the Xbox and even started playing world of warcraft again and it feels bloody good. 

I'm still not there entirely and i think there's always a slight thought about being judged but your only going to be at this stage in your life once so why not do it exactly how you want. Who knows maybe I'll dye my hair a crazy colour, get my nose pierced and actually allow my personality to come out again. Sadly there's no do this and it will happen guide but not paying attention to haters and what other people may think of you is a good first step. I applaud those who wear what others might point and stare at, at least they're doing it and not wishing that they was all their life. You are who you are and don't let anyone take that away from you!
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Friday, 19 June 2015

Review // Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette

Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette £52

My first Contour palette and can i just say...oh my word. Usually i just use separate bronzing and highlight powders which work brilliantly however i really wanted a nice banana shade powder to set my under eye area so instead of opting for another separate i thought I'd go for a palette. With there being a few to choose from and i certainly think there's a bit of a palette war going on between them i finally opted for the Kat Von D shade & light palette and i was not disappointed. 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Video // Easy "natural" eyebrow tutorial

I thought i would do a tutorial on my current eyebrow routine as it's pretty quick & easy and gives a groomed but natural look, perfect for everyday. This has been my preferred routine and product combination since last year and what's brilliant about this is it can be applied to all eyebrow shapes and hair colour. I really love how a few products can perfect how the brow looks, framing the eyes and finishing the whole look off.
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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Fashion // Summer shoe lusting

River Island embellished sandals £35 , Carvella tan platforms £99 , Vans Disney slip-on £52 , New Look strap sandals £15.99 , Topshop cut out slippers £28 , Miss Selfridge court shoe £39

I love that warmer sunny weather opens up so many options fashion wise and especially for footwear. I will admit in winter i very much stick to Ugg or Chelsea boots but with Summer fashion there's so many different styles and colours, i do get excited that i can make a change and still be comfortable. I absolutely adore the Carvella platforms as these can easily be dressed up or down and in tan will go with pretty much everything. The Disney vans are cute and playful with being practical so ideal for those more dressed down family strolls. I am still loving a white shoe with a tan so i just had to put in two options both stunning sandals however one with a bit of glitz perhaps for in the sun dinner dates.
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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Lifestyle // London holiday tips

London can be quite a daunting place to be especially if the last time you visited was when you was a young teenager, so these are my tips on visiting London and enjoying it. 

Travel planing is key!

Ok so this may seem pretty obvious but planning the travelling you'll do in London and the areas you'll need to be in prior to your visit will eliminate some confusion and stress. My travelling bible whilst there was an app i downloaded on my phone called tube map London underground which plans the best route for you, all you need to do is enter your start and end destination. What i loved about this app is that it tells you exactly what platform is needed, in what direction, how many stops to stay on for, how long the journey will be, changes to make if needed and all options available. This proved incredibly useful when we went from the hotel to a shopping mall, then to Harry Potter studios (both of which are in different areas) and back again, we didn't get lost once and it seriously took all the stress away from getting around. 

The only element i wish i did more research on prior to our holiday was looking into an oyster card as we paid for each day/trip as we went which did prove a bit costly (£20 odd for two adult day cards for zones 2-6) so make sure you budget for travel, on our last day there we was advised an oyster card would of saved us money so it's worth investigating. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fashion // River Island Colour Lovin

summer clothes 2015
Orange swing dress £30 | Cream kimono £40 | Retro sunglasses £14 | Cut out swimsuit £28 | Chunky sandals £35
Now that spring has sprung and summer is on it's way i am loving colour and prints that are hitting the high street, even though I'm not an overly bold person with my fashion here are a few colourful picks from River Island. I especially love the fringed kimono, I can picture this well with a very boho look with tanned skin and lots of henna. Being a mother i think the swimsuit is perfect for looking hot but still appropriate when beaching with the little one, I love the symmetric tropical pattern and feminine cut out detailing. Normally being a aviator fan i was taken with the clear neon blue frames of the sunglasses as they're something different, these could certainly add a touch of retro edge to any summer look. 
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Monday, 13 April 2015

Review // Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

cleansing brush
clinique sonic system review
It's been some time now since different cleansing brushes hit the market and i think it's fair to say it's boomed as some brushes are quite swooned after, i think we all know what I'm on about. As a mother i always really question big spends like this however i finally bite the bullet and treated myself. I have now been using this in my skincare regime for over two months so now feel like i can give a true and honest review. 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Small Talk Sunday // Why Pets Suck

As much as i adore my little fur babies, a cat and a rottweiler who thinks he's a springer spaniel, there are several times i roll my eyes and sigh to myself about having to share my home with them and here is a few reasons why...

- Having to deal with bodily functions from another species, i mean a baby your own little human is one thing but having to deal with those that aren't human....not cool.

- Remembering to clean away any food when leaving the room/house for a period of time else it will be eaten.

- When pet medicine and vets cost more than your own health.

-  What you cooking mum 

- What you eating there mum

- Getting soaking wet so your furry friend can go toilet 

- Having to wash your hands after stroking your pet before you forget and then touch your face.

- Having to plan a pet sitter for any kind of short stay or holiday.

- toilet training....just the whole process.

- Repeating yourself a million times to something that doesn't even speak.
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