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Friday, 20 February 2015

Lifestyle // Benefit Rollerlash Event

Pink wand the new roller lash brush compared to the black they're real. 
  It's not going to come to much surprise that Benefit is launching a new mascara as everyone in the beauty community has been talking about it. So when i was invited to my first Benefit event to get a first look at the new roller lash mascara i was very excited and when i arrived and saw biscuits and eclairs i knew it was going to be a great evening. 

With hundreds of different mascaras out there it can sometimes be a bit hard to get overly excited about yet another mascara, however this little wonder has a few hidden gems up it's sleeve. Firstly the wand itself has tiny tiny hooks which gently catches, lifts and curls each lash, apparently so well it means no more need for curling your lashes prior to application. The hook and roll brush as they have called it is patent pending and is small and soft which makes it suitable for all eye shapes AND lash types. The formula lasts for 12 hours and also contains vitamin B5 which is conditioning so it's nice that our lashes will be getting a bit of TLC whilst looking good. 

The packaging is of course cute (did we expect anything different as it always is) but what is brilliant about the packaging is that in the bottle is a built in wiper which gets rid of excess product ensuring better application and less clumping. I personally love the idea of this as there are several mascaras i love but when the brush is so loaded it can look pants, i actually prefer mascaras when they're running out due to this problem so bravo Benefit. 

Whilst being there i also got a chance to have a look round the boutique and the beauty services they offer such as tanning and waxing and even got a complimentary eyebrow wax from the brow bar, which i must say I'm very impressed with. It was really nice being shown round the rooms and having a look at the services Benefit offer as on face value it just looks like a make-up shop that have a brow bar. Roller lash is due to be released on the 28th of this month and will be priced at £19.50 however if you can pick yourself up an Elle mag you can try it early too.
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  1. Awww...they are so pretty! I want those! So curious about them...

  2. Oh, I Like your blog and your style of writing! Also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos! Great job! I know that it requires so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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