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Monday, 30 March 2015

Wedding Series & Review // Liberty Pearl Photography

 One of the biggest and most important factors of the big day is your photographer, you could have the most wonderful beautiful day but if it's not captured right it will only be a memory. I thought the best way for me to do this part of the series was to review and recommend my beautiful photographer as it would be hard to comment on the hundreds that are out there.

So the lady i chose to capture my day is called Amber who is a Devon based photographer and works for Liberty Pearl Photography, her work has been posted on Juno & joyWhimsical wonderland weddings and Rock my wedding to name a few. I actually already knew Amber from a wedding model shoot i done earlier last year and because i loved her style i had to have her for the wedding, i can't stress how there was no budging on that choice. Besides the stunning pictures that you can see from her published work i love the fact she takes a natural approach and it doesn't feel like everything is staged, she's very much in the background capturing moments happening around her. But even "staged" shots such as group photo's and the bride and groom don't feel awkward or unnatural which is the last thing you want to show through in your photos. 

The package i got and arranged was for around 8 hours so i could have photo's of getting ready, the ceremony, group and bride & groom, the meal, speeches, cake, first dance and just a little of the evening. Included in this was an engagement shoot, photo's edited in different styles such as black & white and all photo's put on a CD and a secure online gallery. This for us was a brilliant package and Amber went the extra mile and got there early to take a few shots of the venue and look to see where would be good for photos and sent a lovely package with a few printed photo's a  lovely little shabby chic love sign along with our photo CD. 

Before the wedding we met up so that we could talk about exactly what we wanted and in this i asked for a few style of pictures i liked that i come across on Pinterest such as shoots through my veil and pictures of details like the rings and my tiara etc. Because we all got ready at the same place Amber was also able to shoot get ready pictures of the boys as well, which was lovely to look back on as it was a side i didn't see. The main reason i wanted to focus and review Liberty Pearl is that although Amber's based in Devon she does travel and has even travelled abroad for weddings so if like me you adore her work hopefully you would still be able to have her too. 

If it isn't already obvious i adore Amber and her beautiful work and highly recommend her, however if you already have your photographer or for some reason choose someone else my top tips would be to take the time to think of moments in particular you want captured and tell them, also really take time looking at their prior work as this is what you'll be getting, ask if they'll be using flash photography this can affect makeup choices (post coming soon on this) and meet them, talk to them in person as your not going to want someone you feel uncomfortable with or who you don't really like on your big day!    
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  1. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. What an incredible occasion. You look amazing and your photographer captured the moment perfectly. Congratulations and best wishes, beautiful friend :)

  2. It’s so beautiful and so interesting! I love this post!
    And already can’t wait to see the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet


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