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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hair // Going From Ombre Hair To Brunette

My DIY ombre tutorial and reviews are by far the most popular on my blog but now i no longer have ombre hair i thought i would do a post on going from ombre back to brunette hair again. I haven't done a video tutorial for this process however if it's something you would like to see than please comment and i shall do one. I decided to ditch the ombre as i had it for about two years but more so because i wanted all one colour for my wedding and as i was having it all up i didn't think it would of worked and give me the look i wanted.

So the first thing to know about ombre hair or if you have bleached hair is that what ever colour you put on top is going to fade a lot quicker than normal, this is a pain but something that has to be dealt with until the bleached part of your hair grows out and cut. When i originally went back to being dark  i did get it done at my fav salon as this was going to be for my wedding and obviously is had to look fabulous. But due to the colour starting to fade i dyed it again the other week. 

No matter if your doing this at a salon or at home with a box dye the process of going dark is really easy, unlike bleaching your hair there's less things that can go wrong and it's not as damaging as bleaching your hair can be. Because of this I'm more than happy to dye my hair at home as this saves me a lot of money especially as i have so much hair. For this i had to use three box dyes, brand and colour is entirely down to personal preference so it doesn't matter what you choose. To make sure i get an even coverage i use a hair dye brush and bowl, once the dye mix is ready i pour it into the bowl and that way there's a lot less mess and it's quicker to apply the dye. In preparation and to get the salon look at home i also apply vasaleine or moisturiser around my hair line, ears and neck this helps prevent the dye from staining your skin. I then separate my hair into about five sections and work from the bottom, brushing the dye from the roots and then down the length of my hair. This can take some time (especially with as much hair as i do) but i find i get the best results at home doing it like this.

When your changing your hair from light to dark you also need to rethink to the hair products you use, for example blonde shampoo isn't going to help keep those lovely locks dark. I have been experimenting with my hair care regime since going dark again but i do love macadamia oil professional products especially the deep repair masque and S- factor smoothing shampoo & conditioner, once i have a good routine i shall certainly do a post. 
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  1. Love This look! I want to become a brunette again as well!!


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