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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Review // Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol 2

zoeva rose golden brush review

 As a very lucky lady my dear husband bought me this beautiful set for my birthday last month, just look at the beauty! I already have the luxury set from the first rose golden collection and they are amazing (i shall do a post on these soon) so i wanted to upgrade some of my eye shadow brushes as well as add to my collection so i wanted to go for Zoeva as i trusted them as a brand. I had no idea there was a vol. 2 coming out and it was actually released on my birthday so clearly it was meant to be and i was super excited to get them. 

I got the Rose golden complete eye set vol 2 with the special rose gold brush holder and i really can't express how stunning these brushes are in life and to hold. The vol 2 have a lovely dusky nude pink wood handle, each one scripted in rose gold with Zoeva and the type of brush, they then have stunning rose gold ferrules which have a lovely imprinted symbol. This set includes the 142 concealer buffer, 221 luxe soft crease, 227 luxe soft definer, 228 luxe crease, 230 luxe pencil, 231 luxe petit crease, 232 luxe classic shader, 235 contour shader, 238 luxe precise shader, 310 spot liner, 322 brow line and 325 luxe brow light. I particularly love the 142 concealer buffer and as i have two i use one for my concealer as it blends it effortlessly and the other with some powder to set my concealer and it works perfectly, i find i get a better distribution of powder so it doesn't cake or look patchy. I also really like the 323 brow line, I've been using this with my brow gel and the 230 luxe pencil is great for a cut crease look. 
As well as the brushes looking the part they also don't shed or loose they're shape when cleaned which is the more important part, the brushes are also incredibly soft and are a dream to work with. I now keep all my rose golden brushes in the holder which looks really pretty on my dresser, it's fair to say I'm a sucker for rose gold things. Along with all this they also arrived in a beautiful golden pink clutch bag which of course has more rose gold on it with a zip and Zoeva detailing. 
This set is priced at 70 euro's so around £52 and it is worth every penny, if your looking to invest in good quality brushes these are so on point i would highly recommend. I use these for personal use and have these for my kit as it has every kind of eye brush you will need including brows and concealer and did i  mention they're stunning! 
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  1. I love these brushes a lot!
    And especially their designs!

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. I think their amazing and so well priced as well! x


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