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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Small Talk Sunday // Why Pets Suck

As much as i adore my little fur babies, a cat and a rottweiler who thinks he's a springer spaniel, there are several times i roll my eyes and sigh to myself about having to share my home with them and here is a few reasons why...

- Having to deal with bodily functions from another species, i mean a baby your own little human is one thing but having to deal with those that aren't human....not cool.

- Remembering to clean away any food when leaving the room/house for a period of time else it will be eaten.

- When pet medicine and vets cost more than your own health.

-  What you cooking mum 

- What you eating there mum

- Getting soaking wet so your furry friend can go toilet 

- Having to wash your hands after stroking your pet before you forget and then touch your face.

- Having to plan a pet sitter for any kind of short stay or holiday.

- toilet training....just the whole process.

- Repeating yourself a million times to something that doesn't even speak.
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