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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Lifestyle // London holiday tips

London can be quite a daunting place to be especially if the last time you visited was when you was a young teenager, so these are my tips on visiting London and enjoying it. 

Travel planing is key!

Ok so this may seem pretty obvious but planning the travelling you'll do in London and the areas you'll need to be in prior to your visit will eliminate some confusion and stress. My travelling bible whilst there was an app i downloaded on my phone called tube map London underground which plans the best route for you, all you need to do is enter your start and end destination. What i loved about this app is that it tells you exactly what platform is needed, in what direction, how many stops to stay on for, how long the journey will be, changes to make if needed and all options available. This proved incredibly useful when we went from the hotel to a shopping mall, then to Harry Potter studios (both of which are in different areas) and back again, we didn't get lost once and it seriously took all the stress away from getting around. 

The only element i wish i did more research on prior to our holiday was looking into an oyster card as we paid for each day/trip as we went which did prove a bit costly (£20 odd for two adult day cards for zones 2-6) so make sure you budget for travel, on our last day there we was advised an oyster card would of saved us money so it's worth investigating. 

Book tickets

As you can imagine London is a busy place so no surprise that attractions are Busy, as we decided roughly what we was doing on what day i booked our tickets well in advance to get entry times we wanted and therefore avoided ques and having to wait around. Doing this freed up a lot of time so allowed us to really make the most of our holiday. With this said i didn't book our theatre tickets to see Wicked in advance as we wasn't to sure on seeing it, however on one of the days we was out we decided to go last minute and bought our tickets on the door. From doing this we got £70 seat tickets at a discount price of £45 each and they was fantastic stall seats with an amazing view. This is a chance booking mind so if you really want to see a show just book tickets to avoid disappointment but if like us you could take it or leave it check the times of the shows and if there's a lot of seats available prior to the day and buy them on the door if you decide to go.

Food & Drink

So this might just be me and seem a little ridiculous but a bottle of water always is needed as i constantly felt like i had something in my throat. I guess Londoners and probably people from big cities are used to that amount of pollution but a small town gal like myself isn't and i could notice it. Not only that even on a not so hot day i found the underground could at times feel a little hot and sooty. There are hundreds of restaurants and food outlets in London so i can't comment as i have no idea what's available in the area your planning to stay but i shall say if your staying in a hotel  that has a restaurant beware of surcharges, what should of been a £50 meal was actually £70 so eating out could be more worth it and cheaper.

 These tips might not seem a lot but it certainly made my holiday far more pleasant with a few little bits i wish i knew prior so i hope this helps and let me know about your visit if you do go.
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