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Friday, 19 June 2015

Review // Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette

Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette £52

My first Contour palette and can i just say...oh my word. Usually i just use separate bronzing and highlight powders which work brilliantly however i really wanted a nice banana shade powder to set my under eye area so instead of opting for another separate i thought I'd go for a palette. With there being a few to choose from and i certainly think there's a bit of a palette war going on between them i finally opted for the Kat Von D shade & light palette and i was not disappointed. 

There are six shades in total, three highlight shades and three contour all of which have a name on the back of the palette which is a lovely little feature. The packaging is made of cardboard which without feeling or seeing may come across a little cheep and nasty however it is very secure and sturdy and closes tight with a magnet so is travel safe.  I love the embossed shade and light scroll on the front it's certainly an injection of Kat Von D's personality and there's a nice large mirror on the inside. The powders are extremely pigmented and have a lovely smooth creamy consistency so make blending an absolute dream. 

Being extremely fair and this only coming in the one colour choice i was slightly hesitant the shades may not work but with a light hand as they're so pigmented they really do. I am in love with lyric (the banana tone) for setting my under eye concealer and now i have started using a banana tone powder there's no going back! Levitation is also lovely for under the eye but i particularly like placing this on my t-zone and just under my contour as it really makes it pop. Subconscious and shadow play mixed together are my dream contour shade, they give a nice grey brow tone which creates a more natural looking shadow and therefore in my eyes means perfect contouring! Sombre i personally haven't used as it is a bit too dark for me however it would be great for darker skin tones or if you really wanted to chisel out those cheek bones. I didn't think i would get any use out of Lucid either as it's too peach for my complexion however it makes a lovely eye shadow shade. 

Now i want to talk briefly as to wear i picked this up as i do live in the UK and I'm sure if you do also you'll know the struggle of getting some American brands here. Luckily i stumbled on a shop called  Rose's beauty store which is a UK shop that specialises in American beauty brands that are hard to come by over here. For the Kat Von D shade & light palette i paid £52 which works out to be the same price if i was to buy this from Sephora and have it shipped over. I kindly asked the lovely ladies at Roses's if i could have a discount code for you guys so if you enter a77 at the checkout you can get 10% off your first order, be sure to let me know what you buy!
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