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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Small Talk Sunday // Confidence In Being Yourself

I've always envied those who don't care about the world enough to be entirely who they want to be and i think there's something incredibly sad about that statement. Up until a certain age i never give a second thought about what other people thought, i guess that's what childhood and being a young teen used to be like for a lot of us, sadly image is something thought about far to young nower days. I wore flared jeans, etnie trainers, hoodies, hands full of rings and barley any makeup, sure i may cringe at old photo's of myself but at least i owned it and knew who i was.

I think becoming an adult, a parent, having responsibilities and becoming more aware of what people may think of you makes you suppress certain parts of who you are and makes you loose yourself in a way. Of course i could be talking utter bollocks and this could just be my own life experience ha. Although i have changed from the happy care free skater teen i used to be and my priorities and the way i look at life has changed there are certain things i want to embrace back and have the sod it this is me attitude. 

In the past three years i have started to find myself again and blocked out the negative vibes that's around me, for example starting this blog and not caring about those who think it's ridiculous. With time going on I'm definitely starting to take on the this is me like it or leave it attitude. Since the start of this year I've "allowed" my inner geek to come out and spent more time on the Xbox and even started playing world of warcraft again and it feels bloody good. 

I'm still not there entirely and i think there's always a slight thought about being judged but your only going to be at this stage in your life once so why not do it exactly how you want. Who knows maybe I'll dye my hair a crazy colour, get my nose pierced and actually allow my personality to come out again. Sadly there's no do this and it will happen guide but not paying attention to haters and what other people may think of you is a good first step. I applaud those who wear what others might point and stare at, at least they're doing it and not wishing that they was all their life. You are who you are and don't let anyone take that away from you!
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