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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Review // Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

 Soon to hit the UK stores the new Urban Decay naked smokey palette is sure to have a lot of naked beauty fans going crazy. This is the first naked palette i think i have joined the excitement about and bought on the first realise and i have to say it's pretty damn special, from the packaging right down to every single shade. I have seen a few fans not thinking it's very special or really see it as a smokey palette as they was expecting different shade choices however i think this is the must own palette out of the naked range.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Video // Romwe haul & First Impression

A little while ago i done my first ROMWE order and done a video of the items i bought and my first impression. Considering ROMWE is not a UK brand i was very impressed with the shipping time as it took a little over a week and the pricing is brilliant especially as there's always discount code. I really like ROMWE as i see it as a better option to Primark as not everyone shops from there so you can get really nice unique outfits for roughly the same price. My only downfall was not paying complete attention to the material used in some items and the dimensions which is why i was slightly disappointed with this order, however i think with this in mind i will defiantly order from them again.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Fashion // Grey haze

Topshop cardigan - £55
New Look boho ring set - £12.99
Topshop lace bra - £16
Miss Selfridge floppy hat - £30
Mango t-shirt - £14.99
Dorathey Perkins oversized tote bag - £28
New Look disco jeans - £24.99
Miss Selfridge heel boot - £45

I am in love with each piece of this outfit and think it would look killer on, I'm all for the casual yet done up rocker vibe. I have recently discovered a site called MixMatchMe where you can browse and shop thousands of items from lots of different retailers, you can also save items into your virtual wardrobe so it's perfect for window shopping. You can follow my profile and see these picks along with many others here
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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Small talk sunday // Judged for your makeup

So this is quite an impulsive small talk Sunday and you might already kind of know why if you follow me on Instagram, it's xbeckawoox if you don't already *wink*. Today i decided to wear some new velvet lipsticks i picked up last week in a very deep purple and ombre it with a lighter purple in the centre of my lips, not your bog standard run of the mill lip look but i was feeling it and i'm trying to be more colourful. I digged it, my husband vowed to be on lippy watch so i was good to go for our little family outing. 

Whilst going to several places i was rather taken back by the amount of filthy looks i received from a variety of different aged woman and i think that is shameful. I understand that everyone has their own makeup preference and style and i think that's the most amazing thing about makeup, there's no rules, no regulations you can literally do whatever you please. As long as you love it and feel good who is it for anyone else to care enough to actually want to make it apparent in their facial expression. Sure there's looks i have seen that isn't my cup of tea but who am i to express my dislike to the person and make them feel bad for looking how they want...i mean it's not like it's on my face and i have to wear it. 

I see makeup as a form of art, creativity and passion and i think to a lot of people that's somewhat lost and it has to be a certain way with some sort of uniform look. I love that brands are bringing out more unusual shades and colours so that those who want too can look different and show their personality more. At the end of the day make up has no rules and it just washes off so it really makes no difference, please don't judge someone else if it isn't your style and if you want to wear it then go ahead with your head held high. 

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