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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Haul // A Few New Lush Picks

I am and have always been a massive Lush fan so when i popped into my local Lush to grab a cheeky bath bomb and discovered there was a ton of new products i was like a kid in a sweet shop *insert massive cheesy smile*. I could have easily spent a lot of money grabbing every new item in sight however i managed to restrain myself and leave the shop with these new treats. 

Golden handshake / Hot hand mask - £2.95

This one really intrigued me as it's not something I've come across before in any beauty shop and is similar to special treatments i would offer being a beauty therapist, so this being really available and easy i really wanted to give it a try. Filled with avocado, rosewood and argan oil along with murumuru butter it is an intense moisturising hand mask which you pop in a bowl (large enough to place both hands in) with some hot water stir into a cream and soak your hands in for 15mins. 

Skydancer - far from the madding guns / Bath bomb - £3.95

Like the badger may day charity bath bomb that was out earlier this year sky dancer is a limited edition charity bath bomb where all the profits go to help a certain cause, in this case it is to fund equipment to satellite tag many endangered hen harrier chicks born in the coming years. Containing bergamot, cinnamon leaf and Sicilian lemon oil it has a beautiful scent almost like a minty liquorish which sounds slightly odd but is lovely and refreshing. 

Yuzu & cocoa / Bubbleroon - £3.65

I love the bubbleroon  range and rose jam is certainly one of my top Lush picks however this new bright little pretty is gorgeous. Filled with grapefruit oil, avocado butter, banana and cocoa absolute it has an amazing fresh fruity uplifting scent along with being nice and moisturising. I also love the bubbleroons as i split these in half and get two baths out of them.

Serpendiputy / Soap - £3.40 per 100g 

I'm not usually a hard soap person and tend to go for shower gels however as soon as i smelled this i was in love, two type of scents that always gets me are really sweet or calming spa like scents. As you can see there is actual lavender embedded into the soap rind so not only does it smell lovely it looks really pretty too. If your into calm spa like aromas i think this is a must as it contains two types of lavender and calming camomile blue oil.

Pink flamingo / Reusable bubble bar - / £5.95

So like i just mentioned about my two favourite scents, well this massively ticks the sweet box, i literally think this is my favourite sweet smell and if it was acceptable to walk around smelling a pink flamingo stick i would...seriously. Plus it's neon pink in colour and super cute, this was the first item in my basket. I've tried a few of the different bath wands before and really like that you can get several uses out of them so the price works out well and is why they're priced slightly more. 

93, 000 miles / Shower jelly - £3.50 per 100g

This one i mainly picked up for the husband as he suffers with a bad back and a lot of muscle pain and this is meant to be good for that as it contains cooling and warming oils. I will probably try this one myself too as it contains peppermint and cinnamon and has a lovely invigorating spice scent which i quite like. Although the shower jellies have been around for awhile now this is also new to me as i haven't tried one yet and i was quite surprised in the consistency as it's quite firm so unlike actual jelly i have been told this won't just crumble into a watery gloop so i'm quite keen to see how it performs. 

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  1. I want them all haha! i love Lush i wish Glasgow would get some new products. great post by the way!

    1. Ha that's exactly what i was like, i think they're being rolled out everywhere so fingers crossed. Thank you x

  2. I haven't come across Golden handshake yet but I really like the sound of it. I like to try and take care of my hands as they're one part of our body that can age easily and this sounds like a lovely treat, especially in winter when the weather is hard on your hands x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I haven't tried it yet but i know what you mean about hands ageing easily and can be uncared for quite easily x


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