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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blog Sale

I have finally decided it is time to let go of makeup i just simply do not use so please note the majority of these items have only been used a handful of times and a lot only being swatched. Please read the rules of sale before commenting as i don't want time wasters who haven't. 

- All items are 100% genuine! 
- Postage will be £4, i am keeping it as this as i will be getting proof of postage and items will be sent securely, mutable items bought may increase in postage depending on weight. Shall send orders at the  end of the week and sorry but UK only.
-  First come, first serve basis, so if you would like anything please tell me what and your paypal email in a comment or DM me on twitter.
- Please pay within 24 hours via paypal after i send you an invoice as items will not be held back and all sales are final. 
 MAC costa chic - £6
Gerard Cosmetics tequila sunrise & kimchi doll - £5 each
Estee Lauder pure colour envy powerful - £13
Estee Lauder pink parfait - £7
Dior rouge dior rose crinoline - £13

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Review // Lush Cup O'Coffe Face Mask

Lush Cup O'Coffee - £6.50
If you have read my Lush blog event post than you would already know that a few weeks ago i was kindly invited to my local Lush to learn all about the new products in store and we was very kindly given some of the products to take home and try for ourselves. 

Cup o'coffe is Lush's newest self preserving exfoliating face mask and as you can figure by the tittle it has a whole lot coffee in it, cause not only is coffee a delight to drink it also has brilliant effects on the skin...who knew. So lets get into the gritty details, as well as a whole lot of coffee it also contains cocoa, vanilla absolute and coriander & vetivert oil, all these ingredients combined gives a wonderful aroma and really brightens the skin leaving it soft and smooth. Why this mask is so amazing, firstly it is self preserving which means unlike Lush's other fresh face masks it keeps itself fresh for a far longer time without containing any nasty chemicals to do so and secondly the exfoliant ingredient is ground coffee beans which means it's entirely natural so once it's washed away it doesn't harm the environment like those plastic beads you find in others.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Video // Halloween Las Vegas Showgirl & Zombie

SFX makeup has been a huge passion and something that i have been saying that I'm going to get into for years now so i am extremely excited to bring you my first ever full SFX look and video! This is my idea of a Las Vegas show girl in her full glam style and then her after the zombie apocalypse. It wasn't on of my first list of ideas that I'm currently doing however when i saw the head piece in my local fancy dress shop i instantly fell in love with it and then the look kind of went from there.

I have lots of looks in the pipe line that i especially would like to get up prior to Halloween so if your interested in horror makeup then please like this video and subscribe to my channel as it will really mean a lot. Again i hope you enjoy and thank you so much for watching x
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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Small Talk Sunday // Instagram & Social Media "Glamour"

It's been a little while since I've done a small talk Sunday and this one closely follows suite in the theme of the others in being judged and having confidence, however this is a subject i want to touch on as over there last few weeks it has been bothering me a little more than usual. Photo's and image has become such a massive and important thing to our and the younger generation that it's scary, like seriously. I want to use Instagram as a main social media focus in this because i think it's the most used to portray the "perfect" image and daily i see hundreds of beautiful photo's and girls saying comments such as they wish they could do that, wish they looked like that, or hateful comments on the appearance because it isn't done "right" or they look ugly. 

Why are we currently promoting this kind of "glamour" where makeup looks are photoshopped to an inch of their life, where it is impossible to ever naturally look that good and calling it the most beautiful. Through this constantly surrounding us and being drilled into younger generations they now feel ugly because they can see their pores and their skin isn't immaculately smooth or their lips aren't big and plump. It's almost like makeup has become a weapon and if you don't do it the "right" way your ugly, which is far from the truth and extremely sad. Also linked with this is how many likes or follows it can get and if you don't have enough it's not beautiful and like you should feel some sort of shame in that and again that isn't what makeup is about.

Sure i will take a handful of selfies to find the right one, that level of vanity i think is just human nature to want to look good and i will slightly edit some by adjusting lights and shadows, I'm not going to lie and say every single image i post is raw. However when you delve into the realms of smoothing out skin and distorting it from all reality that's not good and not promoting a healthy image to others around us. I feel like social media glamour has completely taken over what it means to be beautiful and we need to change that before we have a lot more confidence and self esteem issues around. 

If all bloggers and youtubers took this stance, didn't edit as much and openly said this isn't right than i think that would be a start, it's ok to be exactly how you are and wear makeup however the hell you want cause there is no right or wrong. And yes edited and photoshopped images are beautiful and can be appreciated however not used on every single selfie where it comes across like that's how you naturally look and be open and truthful that you have edited the photo so people know. Promoting an image that is unachievable isn't cool! 
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Life // Lush New Products Blog Event

Last friday i was kindly invited to my local Lush for a blog event to showcase all their lovely new products, of course i jumped at the chance and was very excited especially seem as they closed the shop especially for us. When arriving we was greeted with drinks chilling on ice and adorable little lush cups with our names on and after a little while of mingling and browsing the shop the lovely staff started demoing some of the new products for us, from toes to head.

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