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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Life // Lush New Products Blog Event

Last friday i was kindly invited to my local Lush for a blog event to showcase all their lovely new products, of course i jumped at the chance and was very excited especially seem as they closed the shop especially for us. When arriving we was greeted with drinks chilling on ice and adorable little lush cups with our names on and after a little while of mingling and browsing the shop the lovely staff started demoing some of the new products for us, from toes to head.

Starting with a lovely foot soak they used all new products, foot soak & fancy free a calming and softening foot soak which contains tagetes & lavender oil, irish moss powder and fine sea salt, followed with a lovely message with the pumice power foot soap which gently buffs away dead skin leaving behind a lovely sweet orange scent. To finish they showed two foot lotions go faster feet which contains thyme, brazil nut & moringa oil and softy which has marshmallow root, lavender & almond oil. Followed with two foot powders T for toes a deodorising powder with antibacterial essential oils such as lime & tea tree oil and twinkle toes a freshening light and sparkly powder which contains bay & geranium oil.

They then moved on to a lovely hand pamper starting with their gentle hand exfoliant salted coconut which (clues in the name) contains fine sea salt to remove any dead skin along with moisturising coconut & argan oil. Followed with their love and light softening and you guessed it light hand cream which contains orange, jojoba & neroli oil, they also demoed the new golden handshake a super pampering hot hand mask which has avocado, argan & rosewood oil with murumuru butter to deeply moisturise hard working hands. I have to say being a beauty therapist i was very excited and keen on these products as they are very similar to what you would have done for a luxury manicure so offering these kinds of products for people to use in the comfort of their own home is brilliant.
For bath and body we had a look at several different bath bombs which they placed into a large bowl so we got to see exactly how they performed and smelt which is always an exciting thing if your a lush fan. Now bath wise there are quite a few new products so we couldn't see them all but we did get to see frozen inspired by..well i don't think i need to say haha, intergalactic inspired by space and galaxies, the experimenter an extremely popular to say the least lush product and once you see it in action you'll see why and yoga bomb a relaxed and calming bath bomb which slightly and i mean slightly reminisces phoenix rising scent wise. We also got to see a few scrubs starting with the brilliantly packaged life's a beach, the endearingly scented the rough with the smooth and the ever so pretty rub, rub, rub. What's more important than the smell and look of these scrubs though, is that they are only made with ingredients that are natural and won't harm the environment like other scrubs which use beads etc as an exfoliant.

Looking at facial products we started with face masks and looked at two new products a self preserving and a fresh kind, the difference being fresh you keep in the fridge and has a use by date as they are made with fresh ingredients such as fruit where as the self preserving pretty much keeps itself fresh for a longer time. Cup of coffee is a face (and body) scrub mask which you guessed it contains a whole lot of coffee which brightens and smooths the skin, it also contains vanilla & cocoa so it has an incredible aroma. Don't look at me has to be the funnest fresh mask lush has being that it's bright neon blue, aside from the amazing colour it contains grapefruit oil and lemon juice which are fantastic for toning and brightening the skin along with some ground rice to buff away any dead skin, this is certainly a good multi tasking mask. For the moisturiser we were shown the quite frankly amazing magical moringa which has to be the most incredible facial product i have come across, containing moringa, rose hip & argan oil along with shea butter it instantly melts into the skin smoothing and deeply nourishing without leaving any greasy residue behind.

Finally we took a look at the new and exciting hot oil hair treatments, all of which come in solid form on a stick, that you place in a bowl or cup with some hot water and melt/whisk into a thick creamy hair mask which you apply to dry hair. There are three to choose from damagedtangled and kinky each targets a different hair problem and deeply conditions hair.
Upon leaving we was very kindly given a goodie basket each with some of the new products in to try and was allowed to choose one product from the new bath, hair and shower products, this was far harder than i originally thought. I thought i would choose products i wouldn't typically opt for so ended up with the yoga bath bomb, kinky hot hair mask and the rough with the smooth scrub bar along with the other goodies they had already gave us. I can't thank Lush enough and Lush Plymouth staff for throwing such an event and being so wonderful, it was lovely to find out in depth about all the new items and have a wonderful evening with other local bloggers and i think it's fair to say there will be reviews on these products coming shortly.
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