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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Review // Lush Cup O'Coffe Face Mask

Lush Cup O'Coffee - £6.50
If you have read my Lush blog event post than you would already know that a few weeks ago i was kindly invited to my local Lush to learn all about the new products in store and we was very kindly given some of the products to take home and try for ourselves. 

Cup o'coffe is Lush's newest self preserving exfoliating face mask and as you can figure by the tittle it has a whole lot coffee in it, cause not only is coffee a delight to drink it also has brilliant effects on the skin...who knew. So lets get into the gritty details, as well as a whole lot of coffee it also contains cocoa, vanilla absolute and coriander & vetivert oil, all these ingredients combined gives a wonderful aroma and really brightens the skin leaving it soft and smooth. Why this mask is so amazing, firstly it is self preserving which means unlike Lush's other fresh face masks it keeps itself fresh for a far longer time without containing any nasty chemicals to do so and secondly the exfoliant ingredient is ground coffee beans which means it's entirely natural so once it's washed away it doesn't harm the environment like those plastic beads you find in others.

Now I'm not a massive coffee lover, intact if I'm honest i don't even drink the stuff so i did think i wouldn't be all to excited about the scent as it is quite strong in the tub however when i put this on i actually find it really pleasant. I love the consistency of this as it's quite thick and sticky so coats the skin really nicely and stays in place without overly drying, yet is incredibly easy to wash off and you can really feel the ground coffee beans buffing away any dead skin but not too aggressively. With the combined effects of that and the coffee brightening my skin after I've done this face mask my skin actually looks great and i have been reaching for this as my go to exfoliant. You can also use this on the body too, i personally haven't tried it out for that yet but i can imagine it working brilliantly, although it might use up quite a bit of the tub. Overall I've got to say it's a very simple yet worth while mask to have and as I'm a bit of a mask hoarder it'll certainly be one I'll keep in my collection, I know it might not be the most attractive but trust me and give it a shot. 
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