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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Video // Halloween Las Vegas Showgirl & Zombie

SFX makeup has been a huge passion and something that i have been saying that I'm going to get into for years now so i am extremely excited to bring you my first ever full SFX look and video! This is my idea of a Las Vegas show girl in her full glam style and then her after the zombie apocalypse. It wasn't on of my first list of ideas that I'm currently doing however when i saw the head piece in my local fancy dress shop i instantly fell in love with it and then the look kind of went from there.

I have lots of looks in the pipe line that i especially would like to get up prior to Halloween so if your interested in horror makeup then please like this video and subscribe to my channel as it will really mean a lot. Again i hope you enjoy and thank you so much for watching x
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