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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Haul // Lush Christmas & Halloween Products

If you have read my previous post on the Lush Christmas blog event i was kindly invited too the other week you would have seen the vast amount of new and amazing Christmas & Halloween products. So here is my current haul from this collection, some which was very kindly gifted to me from the event and others that i bought on that night cause of course i needed more....and i still need more ha. 

The magic of Christmas - bubble bar £5.95 // This was automatically placed in my basket as i am a huge fan of cinnamon and seem as the stick is an actual stick of fair trade cinnamon i thought it was bloody amazing! This is priced a little higher as it is a reusable bubble bar and i would say depending on how much you use would last about 3 baths. Filled with cinnamon, orange oil, cloves and star anise it is the scent of Christmas and is presented in a lovely star shape with a cute little bell, fair to say it screams Christmas. 

Yog nog - bath bomb £3.95 // I'm sure if you was a fan of Lush's Christmas range last year you will remember the yoga nog hard soap, well this year they've upped the excitement and made it into a bath bomb too! I was a fan of yoga nog last year so this was a no brainer and this is even more amazing as it literally contains chunks of shea butter so it's super nourishing and moisturising, it is a slow burner too so is very much a Christmas soother. 

Candy mountain - bubble bar £2.95 // Another favourite of mine as it smells so incredibly sweet i just love it, if your a fan of the Easter fluffy egg bath bomb i feel you may join me on this one too. I get two baths out of this so price point wise it's very good and it reminds me of a little unicorn horn...yes i may of put it on my head and acted this out at the blog event ha.

Cinders - bath bomb £2.95 // Has to be one of the smallest bath bombs in the shop and not one I've tried before however i had a smell and it is a really nice Christmas scent, i would say a toned down classic Christmas scent so it's not quite so in your face or overwhelming. This is also quite a fun one as it has popping candy in it and you can hear it popping away in the bath so a good one for little ones too. 

Father Christmas - bath bomb £3.65 // Another one i have over looked in the past however this year the scent really caught my attention as it has a nice subtle sweet smell. Not only is the cheeky little face a nice touch but i actually used this one last night and much to my surprise although he's red and white when placed in the bath the insides was a beautiful forest green and made my bath look like a Christmas a child I'm easily amused. 

Butter bear - bath bomb £1.95 // I actually bought this little guy for my son as he loves a Lush bath and this is such a cute bath bomb. As you can guess it's in the shape of a cute little snow bear and has a lovely delicate soothing scent so is perfect for little ones or those who prefer softer scents. 

Lord of Misrule - bath bomb £3.95 // This bath bomb is from the Halloween collection and again another one i have completely overlooked and it does have a unique scent as it is quite herbal, not a scent i can do justice with words so certainly have a smell next time your in Lush. I was also taken to this one as it contains popping candy and like a twist of father Christmas it's a forest green on the outside and has red wine coloured insides. 

Yoga bomb - bath bomb £3.95 // Ok so this isn't in either collection however since phoenix rising left us (i know I'm still devastated too) this has become my go to fav bath bomb and once in the bath it does very slightly resemble it. This is a slow burner so put it in whilst the bath is running but it is really relaxing as it has a nice uplifting scent and is a beauty to watch and relax too. 

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