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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Life // Lush Christmas & Halloween Blog Event

 I know i know don't shoot me I've mentioned Christmas before it's even been Halloween, however it is for a fantastic reason as last Friday Lush launched this years Christmas and Halloween products *yaaaaay*. All Lush fans know that Christmas at Lush is a very delightful treat and we all wait in suspense to see if our favourites from last year will return and what new goodies they will bring, so when i was invited to a blog event to hear about all these lovely products i was very excited! I apologise if i don't go into much detail about each item but there are so many new products in this launch it's literally ridiculous but i do want to share them all so sorry if i sound a little like a Lush catalog.

So lets kick things off with what comes first in the year and that's Halloween, now i don't think I've ever tried anything from previous Halloween collections so it was all very new to me and the few items that we looked at all fitted the theme very well. For bath we have sparkly pumpkin bubble bar which you can imagine is full of glitter and is very cute and Lord or misrule bath bomb which has a little trick up it's sleeve as on the outside it's green but when in the bath it has lovely wine red insides and some popping candy. Now forgive me big Lush fans as i am new to Halloween but i have heard that Lord of Misrule was very popular last year and Lush must have payed attention as they have also released it as a shower gel so you can indulge is this scent even more. Lastly for Halloween they have added a shower jelly which has to be the cutest and that's nightwing a little black bat that smells all fruity and is a need for any Batman fan. 

Now for the part you've all come here for Christmas and lets start with bath as personally i think that's the best and wow just wow. Yog nog bath bomb....yes that's right I've dropped the bomb, the amazing smell that was a hard soap last year has returned but not only as the soap but also as a delightful bath bomb that contains chunks of shea butter, honestly everyone needs one of these. Also for bath bombs we have star dust, golden wonder, cinders, dashing santa, father Christmas, butter bear, shoot for the stars, so white, and luxury lush pud now not all of these was in my local Lush shop at the time of the event so i guess they will slowly start rolling in closer to the time but they are all available online. For bubble bars they have realised the magic of Christmas which the stick is actually a cinnamon stick so immediate love, peeping Santa, five gold rings, bar humbug, holly golightly and candy mountain and bath melts snow angel and snow melt. There's also two body powders to the collection, first snow which is sparkly to add some party shimmer and my favourite fairy dust as it smells like their fluffy egg Easter bath bomb which has to be one of my all time favourite sweet scents.

We actually started the night being split into two teams and had a play with the Christmas fun Santa and snowman and had to make a Santa or snowman in under 1 minute which under pressure turned out to be great fun...the whole idea of the product i suppose ha. I have to admit it's not one for me but i think it's a lovely product for little ones. Moving onto shower and soaps i was very excited to see that rose jam shower gel has come back this year as it's a beautiful scent and although I'm not a fan i know everyone else will be over the moon to hear that of course snow fairy is back too, although i have to say i am very unhappy that hot toddy has not. They have also added to the shower line with a shower smoothie called the icing on the cake roulade and two jellies with Santa's belly and snowman...which did look rather amusing. Also for new and exciting editions there is a salt and peppermint bark body scrub and a body conditioner called christingle which sounds odd but it has a lovely peppermint smell and to me these are like the candy canes at Christmas which are always amazing.  For soaps yognog, baked Alaska and snow cake have all made their return with a new look reindeer rock which looks and smells lovely and new edition old father time, now unfortunately the Lush shop didn't have this one in but they was telling us about how it looked and it sounded very artistic and lovely.
Moving onto facial items which i feel is a lovely area to bring seasonal items too as i think it can get a little forgotten around new launches and special Christmas face masks are certainly something new. And so Lush has created cranberry a festive face mask which is packed with lovely ingredients including cranberries which are known for their antioxidant properties, so it is brilliant for the skin and leaves it feeling very clean and soft. In fact we all had a group bonding sesh over this one and had some placed on the back on our hand so we could experience it working for ourselves and i have to say my skin did feel lovely after, however i have to admit I'm not big on the smell. There's also a festive new cleanser called buche de noel which is packed full of festive ingredients that is meant to revive dull winter skin. Also making their return is santa baby lip tint which looks very pigmented this year so if you like your red lips I'd certainly check it out and santa's lip scrub which doesn't smell as much of cola bottles as i remember but is still nice. 

Finally moving onto gift sets and i have to say Lush have really out done themselves with some of them this year. Before going into a few of my favourites i want to mention that with Lush's ethics the paper that is used for the boxes is 100% recycled and the knot wraps are greenspun which means they are very cleverly made from recycled plastic bottles, so not only are these items beautiful they're also very good for our planet. There are many different gift sets in varying price points however here are my top picks, Christmas wishes which is a magical wind up musical tin, Sleeps till Christmas that has it's own interactive advent count down, Human cannonball which has a snapper inside and pops confetti when opened and lastly Winter wonderland because it's a truly beautiful box and contains 20 amazing Christmas products. 

Phew i wasn't kidding when i said there was an awful lot of products for this launch huh. We was kindly given a goodie bag before leaving and of course i had to over indulge and buy even more of the Christmas products but i feel this post is already long enough so i shall post that haul soon. Have you indulged in the Lush Christmas yet? 
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  1. Phew...loads of products! I can't wait to get to a Lush and get some of these x


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