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Monday, 26 October 2015

Lifestyle // Honest advice to my past pregnant self

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Now that my son is a few weeks away from turning five I've become somewhat reflective over these last years and what i should of known back when i was pregnant. Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing and i know this all now for future reference but it would of been good to know this when it was slightly more relevant, so i thought i would create a fun kind of letter to my past self ha. 

Dear "younger" Becky, one important thing you need to know in this pregnancy, low iron levels will actually mean something whilst your pregnant! It will mean that you will feel constantly faint and also in one instance pass out, luckily baby will be fine however you do face plant a kitchen counter and knock yourself out on the way down. Iron tablets don't do your stomach any good but that doesn't mean give up, instead actually eat a decent breakfast and eat more broccoli, spinach etc. it might save you the embarrassing feeling faint in public places and having to lay on the floor. 

Stretch marks, what they don't tell you is cream and oil all of the places you'll quickly gain weight. I know your currently like a stick and this isn't something we're used to but as your future self i can inform you that we have a pear shape just like mum. Due to not knowing this and only applying cream to our bump area we now have stretch marks all across our ass, luckily no-one else really sees this but it would be nice to not look like a tiger has mauled us in that area. 

In your antenatal classes they will tell you that your first labour will take quite some will the midwife on the phone when your actually in labour to your partner...this is not always true! I suppose you could call this lucky but in total labour will only last us 6 hours and we only just get to the hospital in time to push and this means not having all the drugs we wanted. It's ok though birthing plans don't always go to plan and that doesn't mean the end of the world, just remain calm and take it how it comes 'cause at the end of the day it's not the most important thing, as long as baby is here and safe who cares how exactly it happened. Also along with the labour side of things i know your literally terrified over the thought of labour and the fact that your the biggest wimp you know so don't think you can do it, news flash you can and you do! Of course the thought of pushing a baby out of you is scary if you've never done it before but that doesn't mean you can't do it, your female that's how we work. Think positively, breathe through the contractions and turn that scream into a push (i know it currently makes no sense but it works trust me) and all will be fine. 

Your hospital bag...get rid of those thick flannel primark night shirts, i know they're really comfy but you've never been in a maternity ward before and guess what it's boiling! Although nothing labour wise goes wrong you do spend at least two nights in that place and because of those shirts it's unpleasantly hot. Pack nice light thin pyjamas so at least you can stay in there in comfort and not feel like your cooking. 

Pregnancy wise i think that's all, you may feel a little down and anxious but you actually do well in all this so enjoy the experience more and appreciate you have a happy healthy baby in there, sincerely your older stressed out mum self. 
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