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Friday, 8 January 2016

Baby // Baby Wishlist

Mama mio gorgeous glow 3-step skincare £42 - I already have the tummy rub oil from this brand and really like it (review to come) so want to try their other pregnancy skin care range. As i mentioned in my pregnancy update post my skin has changed quite a lot and has gone from being slightly combination to full blown combination, oily nose, dry skin round my eyes and hormonal spots and redness. As this skincare line is specially designed for pregnancy it's certainly one i want to try in hope to improve it from it's currant state. 

Babystyle Oyster 2 Humbug colour pack £90 - I already have the Oyster 2 pram as i found a bargain on my local gumtree and it has the grey colour pack. As much as i really like it in grey for a boy, i have fallen completely in love with the humbug colour pack for a girl baby. I love that you can change the colour of this pram so when we know the sex i can customise it accordingly. 

 Ewan the dream sheep £30 - I've seen a lot of good reviews about this little sheep and although it may seem a little pricey i really like the sound of it and prefer this over your typical hanging mobile. As well as looking cute this little guy plays several sounds, one of which is mimicking the womb and mothers heartbeat and is actually recorded and not a computer generated noise. This along with a pink glow light really helps sooth and settle baby. 

Maxi cosy easifix base £130 - I already have babies car seat which is by maxi cosy and this is the corresponding base, they do have a few different ones but this is why i have chosen the easifix. One thing i can't stand is fussing with a seat belt and car seat, I'm awkward and no matter how many times i do it i get stressed and it seems to take a life time so the fact that this base is permanently installed in the car and the car seat safely and securely clicks into it is worth every penny. Not only do i want it for hassle free journeys i also really want it for the safety aspect, especially as i plan on passing my test just before baby comes so anything i can do to increase safety is a big importance to me. 

Sleepyhead deluxe pod £100 - This is certainly a product I'm interested in but whether i can talk the husband into getting it is another story as it's a bit of a luxury, however it just makes sense. The sleepyhead pod is basically a safe enclosed space for baby to sleep in. Logically it makes perfect sense as when babies in the womb it's used to being in a enclosed space and finds that comforting, yet when born we stick them in moses baskets and cots with all this free room so no wonder some babies don't settle to well. I know this is why we swaddle babies and you can use rolled up towels around babies bottom to create the same effect but what sleep deprived mum can be bothered to roll towels every single time you put baby down and it just seems a lot safer in my eyes. 

Grolight 2 in 1 nightlight £18 - Lighting and sleep can be an important balance when feeding baby in the night, some lights can be too bright and others not bright enough and you can't see what your doing. This has clearly been a big enough issue for gro to come up with this clever little fitting you place in your lamp or light before the bulb so you can click once for a decent night light or twice for the light to be on fully. 

Tiba + Marl elwood backpack £120 - The biggest luxury item on my list and of course the bag i need in my life, just admiring it not as a change bag is enough in my eyes. However lets get down to why this is amazing for babies & parents, it comes with a luxury padded changing mat, insulated bottle holder, laptop & smart phone pocket, padded lower back panel & straps and wipe clean lining. Amongst all these key points this one in particular is also incredibly unisex and stylish so the husband won't care about slinging it on when taking baby out just on it's own. And it's big enough to be my hospital bag! 
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